Class 8 chemistry

Chemistry is subject of concept and reactions. Basics of chemistry starts from class 8. Class 8 chemistry build your fundamentals which is required in higher classes. To build your foundations strong in chemistry, academic team of Physics Wallah prepared structured study material of class 8 chemistry.

Class 8 chemistry consist of detail theory with added solved questions and MCQ. Class 8 Science consist of 17 chapters of which 7 chapters belongs to chemistry. Solve questions given in NCERT text book with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science and NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths.

Chemistry Notes

Chapters of Class 8 Chemistry

Class 8 chemistry is very interesting you will understand atom and molecules , symbols and different type of reactions .Chapter carbon and its compound will gives fundamental idea about organic chemistry. Structure and function of carbon and its isotopes are explained in this chapter.

  • Metal and Non-metals

In this chapter you will learn what are the properties of metal and non-metals. Reactions of metal and non-metals. How to identify metals from their physical and chemical properties.

  • Combustion and Flame

 All of us know about flame, this chapter explains very interesting detail about flame. Characteristic of flame help you to identify what are the temperature difference in layers of flame.

  • Carbon and its compound

One of the important chapter of class 8 chemistry. Start your fundamentals of organic chemistry with this chapter and understand the chemical and physical properties of carbon.

  • Synthetic Fibre

Most of the questions asked in school exam are from this chapter .This chapter explains how synthetic fibre produce and what are the properties of synthetic fibre.

  • Coal and Petroleum

How Coal produce in earth. Chemical and physical properties of Petroleum.

  • Acid base and salt

Understand how to identify acid base and salt .what are the different definition of acid base and salt . This is one of the important chapters of class 8 chemistry.

  • Elements compound and mixture

This chapter is one of the basic chapter of class 8 chemistry and explain basics of atom molecules and few important terms.

Right Approach for Chemistry

Class 8 chemistry consist of very important topics which are the basics of higher chemistry. In class 8 chemistry you will start building the foundation of chemistry subject. So, start with understanding the structure of atom learn how it works ask questions why how when and try to find out the answer, NCERT text book consist of very interesting example of class 8 chemistry read all experiments and theory mentioned in text book .

Solve the questions of NCERT with the help of NCERT solutions. Try to find out the questions asked in the exercise and solve the example and learn concept given in class 8 chemistry. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapters of class 8 chemistry which are part of class 8 science there are few additional chapters which we have added to gives you additional knowledge of chemistry which are important.

Tips for Class 8 Chemistry

  1. Start preparing your notes make separate notes for the important formulas.
  2. Start with the remembering the symbols of chemistry read the periodic table try to memories the symbols of atom it will be very useful for higher class.
  3. Remember the atomic number of at least 20 elements of periodic table it helps you in questions.
  4. Chapters like carbon and its compounds and acid base and salt required additional practice read the Physics Wallah class 8 chemistry theory parts of these topics and solve all questions given in the exercise this will help you to prepare a solid foundation of class 8 chemistry for upcoming class.
  5. Solve the exercise of NCERT text book and for reference you can take the help of NCERT solutions for class 8 science.
  6. Read academic resource available in Physics Wallah . At Physics Wallah you will get chemistry notes, chemistry formulas , Chemistry questions and chemistry online test for class 8 so check out the other resource to excel in all Entrance Exam.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Why is revision material important for class 8 chemistry?

Ans. Revision notes are needed for supporting a theoretical understanding of the chemistry topic and for exam preparation. If you have forgotten the chemistry class, you will not be able to understand the ideas from those sessions. Watch the video to learn or revisit the information gained during those sessions.

In the video, our experts share a hint or example of applying useful concepts of chemistry to real life. From these videos, you can get a clearer picture of the NCERT Class 8 Chemistry concept that you may forget. Through these revisions, you will begin to love chemistry and become capable of giving answers interestingly.

Q2. How much chemistry class 8 practice tests should I take?

Ans. Take some practice tests and see how you are fair in those tests. If you go to a low score, go to correct sample papers, model test papers, and try to solve exercise of NCERT class 8 chemistry for practice and then retake your test. Take as many as test more you practice more you clear your doubts but make sure to improve your weaker area with sufficient revision.

Q3. How to solve class 8 chemistry questions?

Ans. Before attempting class 8 chemistry questions you should follow these rules such as.

  1. Read the chapter theoretically and make sure you have understood the concept, then make notes.
  2. While preparing notes to write down all the important formulas and points.
  3. Try to do the practice of examples given in the NCERT class 8 chemistry textbook.  
  4. Do not use a calculator and don’t check the notes while solving questions.

Q4. How a student can use class 8 chemistry notes to get good marks in the class 8 exam?

Ans. Physics Wallah prepared class 8 chemistry notes to consist of in- depth theory explaining in details all the concepts and points which help students to build a strong foundation. Physics Wallah provides you all the sample papers, MCQ’s which will help you to check your concepts and for the school exam, you should follow the NCERT solutions of class 8 chemistry on Physics Wallah.

Q5. Will watching video lessons for class 8 chemistry is more effective than reading notes?

Ans. Well, each online learning has its purpose and every student learns by their capabilities. Video lessons will support you with visionary clarity in an attractive format. Reading chapter notes help you quickly read through the important concepts from each chapter before your exam or your class test. 

Q6. Why should you choose Physics Wallah?

Ans. Physics Wallah study material includes revision notes, sample papers, and practice tests. Sample papers are related to your exam purpose. Chemistry notes are prepared by expert teachers according to the latest syllabus of NCERT class 8 chemistry. If you have any doubt in any question then you can submit a question in the ‘Ask doubt’ section, our experts will respond to your queries at earliest.

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