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About CBSE Class 7 Maths

Foundation of any subject is important specifically when you are taking about Maths .Maths is important subject for your academic journey and class 7 maths build your interest as well we as good foundations in Maths. Maths is among one of the interesting subjects which not only helps scoring extensive marks but also develops logical thinking. School students who regularly give some amount of their CBSE class 7 maths textbooks tend to score good marks in the examination.

Class 7 Maths Notes

But most of the students are not very comfortable in mathematics, and often feel stressed out. Here comes the team of Physics Wallah with an extensive solution of CBSE class 7 maths CBSE curriculum. The complete set solution has been lined in a very appropriate manner, which eases the students teaching and learning process. Right approach to study CBSE class 7 mathsstarts with following the tips given below.

Tips to score good Marks in Class 7 Maths

  1. Selection of right books will help you to have better understanding of the concepts so always make NCERT maths book for class 7 your primary book solve all questions given in exercise with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths.
  2. Follow the sequence of chapters given in NCERT book don’t skip any chapters.
  3. After doing NCRET take a reference book or follow Physics Wallah notes which are prepared such a way that it will build your solid foundation in CBSE class 7 maths. Revise Maths formulas before moving to solving questions.
  4. Always attend the class in school or in tuitions never skip any class , if you have any work or family function or you are sick plan the missing topic during the holidays and prepare your topics before the next class.
  5. In class listen what teacher explains and make all important points notes in your note book . 6.Ask your questions don’t hesitate while asking silly questions in CBSE class 7 maths .
  6. Do solve questions given in NCERT text book and take help from NCERT solution.

Brief descriptions about Important Chapters covered in Class 7 Maths

We at Physics Wallah have a well-experienced team to look after students issues associated with 7th Maths and provide a huge range of versatile solutions. Since we believe in sharing our knowledge among needy students, we have provided a complete set of class 7 maths Notes with questions.

These notes and questions prove to be a great help in case students are trapped in difficult sums. Below presented are short glimpses to all the chapter of class 7 maths students will find in their syllabus.

  • Chapter 1: Integers

This chapter helps the students with enhancing their knowledge regarding negative numbers, positive numbers and whole numbers.

  • Chapter 2: Fractions & Decimals

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths enhances student’s knowledge regarding division, expansion, subtraction of Fractions and Decimals.

  • Chapter 3: Data Handling

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students regarding collecting, handling and presenting the collected data.

  • Chapter 4: Simple Equations

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is more of detailing students with a method of solving similar equations.

  • Chapter 5: Lines & Angles

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students with parallel and supplementary lines.

  • Chapter 6: The Triangle & Its Properties

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students with postulates and theories of Triangles.

  • Chapter 7: Congruence of Triangles

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is useful for students looking to enhance their knowledge with the properties of triangles.

  • Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is useful to the students with evaluations of different ratios and numbers.

  • Chapter 9: Rational Number

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students with framing the number as per their characteristics.

  • Chapter 10: Practical Geometry

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is about construction lines and geometrical figures.

  • Chapter 11: Perimeter & Area

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is all about presenting data with pictorial and models.

  • Chapter 12: Algebraic Expressions

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students in solving mathematical articulations.

  • Chapter 13: Exponents & Powers

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths helps the students with addition and subtraction of base and same powers.

  • Chapter 14: Symmetry

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths is guiding to students regarding the designs and alignment.

  • Chapter 15: Visualising Solid Shapes

This chapter of CBSE class 7 maths guides students with plane Figure, solids and Angles.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Why CBSE Class 7 Maths are important for class 7?

Ans. These NCERT solutions consist of diagrams, question-answers, and explanations of chapters step by step which are prepared by expert teachers. It gives you solutions to understand the problem and it also becomes handy during exam preparation. It covers all important topics and concepts required for a strong mathematical foundation. 

Q2. What are the important topics in class 7 maths?

Ans. All chapters and topics are important but for exam preparation, some NCERT class 7 maths chapters help students to understand various basic techniques that you have focused on – Geometry, Integers, Rational Numbers, How to solve Fractions and Decimals, Algebraic Expressions, Graphically representing equations.

Q3. How are Physics Wallah CBSE class 7 Maths are different from others?

Ans. NCERT offers the most effective textbook and video solutions for class 7 to help students for preparation of exams. NCERT solutions of maths are the most reliable and highly effective that is designed by expert teachers. It not only provides chapter-wise solutions to various topics of class 7 mathematics but also helps students to grasp various concepts. Each topic in this solution is studied in a detailed and creative manner to make learning easier and interesting.

Q4. Will CBSE class 7 maths help me with other exams?

Ans. Yes, it will help you in other exams like JEE, Maths Olympiad, NDA. As CBSE class 7 maths help you in various career path so having good fundamental knowledge in maths is very important. Over good command in NCERT class, 7 maths chapters will help you strengthen your basics and easy to deal with higher-level concepts of maths in the future.

Q5. How can I secure good marks in class 7 maths?

Ans. As we all know to build a strong base is very important from the beginning. Hence, class 7 maths is the first platform for students where they will learn some important concepts and their applications. And with the help of NCERT class 7 maths, you will learn easily all the concepts and solve exercise questions that will boost your knowledge and strengthen your problem-solving skill. These NCERT solutions are designed by expert teachers with the latest syllabus of CBSE that will help you to understand problems and get good marks in the examination.

Q6. When to study class 7 maths revision notes?

Ans. Maths is an interesting subject if you get it as a challenge and looking at the notes you will get an instant idea of what is important in maths chapter and what you have to focus on. If you get stuck somewhere you have to re-visit notes to solve your queries. Before giving a test to get a better score, use revision notes to quickly review formulas and key concepts.

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