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Class 8 Social Science Notes

About Class 8 Social Science Notes

Class 8 Social science notes are prepared by expert teachers of Entrancei. These notes are chapter wise and useful for building a strong foundation for competitive exams and higher-class social science subjects. Chapter-wise social science notes are prepared for all types of boards like CBSE, ICSE, and other state board exams. You must follow the NCERT textbook to solve all questions given in Exercise with the help of Entrancei NCERT Solutions for class 8 social science.

What will you get in Class 8 Social Science Notes prepared by Entrancei?

The above Class 8 Social Science Notes are prepared chapter wise and each chapter is explained in detail theory with proper diagram. We have covered all chapters of civics, geography, and economics with basics and advanced level theory. Each chapter consists of subjective and objective questions for revision of the chapter. The right method of using Class 8 Social Science Notes prepared by Entrancei is one must read the theory given in chapter after doing your class and reading the school prescribe textbook. Try to solve all questions given in the exercise start solving the subjective questions and move to MCQ based questions.

How to score good marks in Class 8 Social Science Notes

To score good marks in Class 8 Social Science you must follow the following tips

Conceptual celerity in the subject- Try to understand the chapter and focus on basic terminology and find out the things which are required to excel in the chapter. Read the theory from your textbook as well as form the Entrancei notes. Prepare your notes to make sure you have added all-important points in your notes which help you in the final revision.

In Class 8 Social Science class- Never miss the school class. While attending the class try to note down all points in your notebook. Ask all your questions in class and try to build interest in the subject

Never negate the subject- It is observed that students who are good at maths and science negate social science. Which is not a good habit always remember that different subject required a different approach to become experts. Social science required a good level of practice and understanding. Give adequate time which subject required

Chapters covered in Class 8 Social Science Notes

Class 8 Social Science Notes prepared by Entrancei covers all most all chapters from three sections of Social Science like history, geography, and civics few topics are from economics are also explained with a solved example and MCQ based questions.

Chapters cover in this section are

Class 8 History

  1. Chapter 1 – How, When and Where
  2. Chapter 2 – From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power
  3. Chapter 3 – Ruling the Countryside
  4. Chapter 4 – Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
  5. Chapter 5 – When People Rebel 1857 and After
  6. Chapter 6 – Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
  7. Chapter 7 – Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
  8. Chapter 8 – Women, Caste, and Reform
  9. Chapter 9 – The Making of the National Movement: 1870s–1947
  10. Chapter 10 – India After Independence

Class 8 Geography – Resource And Development

  1. Chapter 1: Resources
  2. Chapter 2: Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
  3. Chapter 3:Mineral and Power Resources
  4. Chapter 4: Agriculture
  5. Chapter 5: Industries
  6. Chapter 6: Human Resources

Class 8 Civics – Social and Political Life – III

  1. Chapter 1: The Indian Constitution
  2. Chapter 2: Understanding Secularism
  3. Chapter 3: Why Do We Need A Parliament
  4. Chapter 4: Understanding Laws
  5. Chapter 5: Judiciary
  6. Chapter 6: Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
  7. Chapter 7: Understanding Marginalisation
  8. Chapter 8: Confronting Marginalisation
  9. Chapter 9: Public Facilities
  10. Chapter 10: Law and Social Justice

FAQ For Class 8 Social Science Notes

Q-1. Who can use these Class 8 Social Science Notes?

Ans- Any students who are in class 8 and preparing for their school or competitive exams like NTSE or Olympiad exam can use these solutions for reference and practice.

Q-2. Are these notes being freely available to all?

Ans- Yes Entrancei is Indian largest K-12 content provider and out recourses are freely available to all students which includes practice questions detail theory online quiz and lots of sample papers and questions.  

Q-3. Do class 8 Social Science Notes cover all three parts of History, civics, and geography?

Ans- Yes, we have uploaded a detailed theory of all chapters of History, geography, and civics with more than 3000 MCQ questions for practice.

Q-4. Why Entrancei for class 8?

Ans- If you are in class 8 you required lots of academic recourse like NCERT solutions for class 8, RS Agarwal solutions for class 8, Notes for class 8, Quiz for class 8 every academic resource are available free at Entrancei.

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