How, When and Where of Class 8

History is not only about a particular date or year it is also about greater time span which can be spread over centuries. History written from a single perspective can never be complete. To have better understanding one needs to analyze the history from different perspectives. Every record, whether official or unofficial is important to construct the real story of a particular historic event.

how when and where

History always creates an impression of time. But all events cannot be precisely associated with a particular date or year. There are certain events which can be precisely associated with a particular year or date. For example, the year of the Battle of Panipat can be precise. But yet other events, like invention of wheel or invention of writing cannot be associated with a particular year.

Different Viewpoints on Indian History

During British rule mainly British historians started to write about the Indian history. For them every important aspect was of English origin. Indians or Indian history was never in their focus. For them India was primitive society and they thought it their duty to teach the ‘refined way of life’ to Indians. It can be said that this was not going to reveal the complete picture.

different viewpoints on indian history

Periodisation of Indian History Based on Religion

Even this periodisation was faulty, because Indian history is not only about influences of Hinduism, Islam or Christianity. Religion is only one of the many aspects of our life. Mughals not only brought Islam along with them, they also brought a distinct cuisine, costume and literature along with them. Similarly, British brought a modern education system and latest technologies of the industrial revolution. These imports highly affected almost every sphere of our life.

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