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Understanding Our Criminal Justice System of Class 8


When we see someone violating  the  law,  we  court of law that decide whether the accused person is guilty or not. According to the Constitution, every individual immediately thinks of informing the police. After a person is arrested, who is charged with a crime and has to be given a fair trial.

The purpose of writing this unit on Understanding Criminal Justice is to raise the level of awareness in students, so that at an earlier age, they will avoid participating in activities that will lead them into criminal situations. Students will use this knowledge to change their attitudes about the society in which they must live. Students in grades 4-6 will benefit from this unit most. However, the general information can be used with children in all grades. Students will learn, what is crime and criminal law? They will look at characteristics of some serious crimes and will discuss Constitutional rights of juveniles as it equips students with critical thinking and problem solving skills.

understanding our criminal justice system

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