Tribals Dikus and the vision of a golden age of Class 8


Birsa Munda was nabbed while he was fast asleep at  "Jamkopai " forest in Chakradharpur on March 3, 1900. Deputy commissioner Ranchi, vide letter no CR-1397 dated 12 nov 1900 reveals that 460 tribals were made accused in 15 different criminal cases, out of which 63 were convicted.

One was awarded Capital Punishment , 39 were sentenced to transportation for life and 23 were imprisioned for terms upto 14 years, six death , including that of tribal hero Birsa Munda in the prison during trials in less than 10 months, speaks of the probable tortures inflicted on the prisinors of Munda Ulgulan .

Birsa Munda died in the jail on 9th June 1900. Dead body of Birsa Munda is reported to have been criminated near the distillery bridge Kokar (Ranchi).  People say, actually Birsa was buried under the bridge (In 1900 there was no bridge).


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