CBSE Class 11 chemistry notes

Class 11 Chemistry Notes

For class 11 students, the basic requirements to excel exam are quality notes with excellent explanation of concepts with example.Any success stories of students’ academic journey always start from a proper and effective planning and this can’t be done with right notes.When you are in class 11 what you required is quality class 11 chemistry notes. It plays very important role to score good marks in your school and entrance exam.Chemistry subject required different approach as compared to physics and math’s.

It is observer that students takes chemistry subject as a memory-based subject which is completely incorrect.On must have a clear concept and class 11 chemistry notes must be precise and in written in details. Physics Wallah prepared a in depth content to help you to prepare you own class 11 chemistry notes and Excel in your exam.

Class 11 Chemistry Notes

Parts of Class 11 Chemistry

Class 11 chemistry notes are sub-classified into three parts physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. All three parts needed different strategies to lean and score good marks. This page consist of chapters from physical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

  1. Physical Chemistry: Numerical based chapters required conceptual clarity to solve numerical.
  2. Organic chemistry: Required good concept of chemical bonding, Reaction mechanism and application of reaction mechanism in different reaction is key area to understand.
  3. Inorganic chemistry: Informative and conceptual topic, required good quality notes and proper revision.

Right Approach for Chemistry

Class 11 chemistry is sub divided into three parts physical chemistry ,inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. This page we will discuss how to prepare class 11 chemistry notes for all three parts of chemistry. Before that always read class 11 chemistry from NCERT text book and solve all questions given in exercise on NCERT text book, try to solve numerical given in NCERT exercise . For reference you can use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry prepared by Physics Wallah.

How to prepare Physical Chemistry in Class 11

  • Physical chemistry in class 11 consist of very fundamental chapters and need good attention.
  • Always start from mole concept chapter and try to solve the questions based on mole it will help you to build a solid foundation in fundamental, and solved the questions from both equilvent as well as mole concept .In few school POAC is used you can also use POAC to solve bigger questions it will save your calculations and a good methods .
  • Class 11 chemistry notes of physical chemistry consist of conceptual chapters which are interrelated like atomic structure is required in chemical bonding and chemical bonding is required in periodic table as well as in organic chemistry.
  • Similarly if you make your habit to have a good notes on class 11 chemistry notes it will help you to revise better.
  • Topic Like chemical equilibrium help you to develop concept for the chapter chemical kinetics and ionic equilibrium and build a solid foundation for class 12 physical chemistry . All these topics are formula based so it is always recommended to have a good class 11 chemistry notes.

How Class 11 Chemistry notes can help you to score more in organic chemistry

  • Organic chemistry start with the different learning approach , you must ready to understand how reaction takes place not why reactions take place.
  • Before starting organic chemistry one must have very clear concept on chemical bonding so revise the chapter chemical bonding from your class 11 chemistry notes.
  • The first chapter which you must complete is general organic chemistry this chapter will build your foundation and start creating your concept and interest in organic chemistry.
  • Start learning from notes given in Physics Wallah page and try to make your own notes of class 11 chemistry notes. Hydrocarbons is again a big and most important topic which need additional efforts this chapter give you an idea about several reagents and its application with elimination reactions and addition reaction mechanism are very important for class 12 organic chemistry so must be prepared very well.

How Class 11 Chemistry notes can help you in inorganic chemistry

What is the role of notes it can be seen very well when you are preparing inorganic chemistry. It’s a subject of learning properties and their reactions , so it must be prepared with proper notes and points. Follow the following points to do well in inorganic chemistry.

  1. Start with chemical bonding and the periodic table.
  2. Prepare notes on the periodic table; make sure you have added all-important points mentioned in periodic table.
  3. S-block elements required good text book follow NCERT text book for s-block and read Physics Wallah study material of both alkali and alkaline earth metals.
  4. P-block in class 11 consist of two family boron and carbon and both are conceptual chapter.
  5. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Chemistry Questions and Answers.

Why Physics Wallah for 11th Chemistry

While solving numerical in chemistry you required two thinks one is concept clarity and second is chemistry formula.It is highly recommended to learn all chemistry formula before moving toward numerical academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapter wise chemistry formula for quick revision you can download it for your reference .To excel in your school exam on must follow NCERT text Book and NCERT Solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is taught in class 11 chemistry?

Ans. There are a total of 13 chapters of class 11 chemistry that will be mentioned below-

  1. Some basic concepts of chemistry
  2. Structure of Atom
  3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in properties
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Chapter 5 – States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
  5. Chemical Thermodynamics
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Redox reactions
  8. Hydrogen
  9. Hydrogen s-block Elements
  10. The p-Block Elements
  11. Organic chemistry - Some basic principles and techniques
  12. Hydrocarbons
  13. Environmental chemistry

Q2. Does Physics Wallah provide revision notes for class 11 chemistry?

Ans. Yes, Physics Wallah, no. 1 online tutoring platform, offers a comprehensive collection of all revision notes for class 11 chemistry. These are downloadable resources cover the entire main parts of chemistry along with basic concepts. These concepts cover many important topics such as atom structure, element classification and periodicity of properties, chemical bond and molecular structure, etc.

In addition to all the notes, Physics Wallah also provides well-made answers. In this way, students of class 11 of the CBSE can now undoubtedly refer to the important notes on Physics Wallah chemistry. It is certainly the best destination for all study material. Do solve questions given in NCERT exercise with the help of NCERT solutions for class 11 Chemistry.

Q3. How can class 11 chemistry notes are helpful?

Ans. Write down your notes immediately after completing a chapter. In this way, it is possible to acquire and keep the key points of the recently revised topic. Manage and update your notes every week. This will help you check your memory capacity. In this way, it is possible to summarize the most important points of a chapter, without having to invest a lot of time.

Q4. Why is it crucial to solving the important questions for class 11 chemistry?

Ans. The key questions for class 11 chemistry provide an excellent strategy for preparing for the topic. These important Physics Wallah questions are crucial for the final exam and also for students preparing for competitive exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, etc. You can find a wide variety of questions that can be asked in the final Class 11 exam. Therefore, it is wiser to solve them first and practice them very well. This will help to clarify all the chemistry concepts that can be framed in the class 11 exams.

Q5. Will it be beneficial to revise important questions of class 11 chemistry offered by Physics Wallah?

Ans. Our NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Important questions meet the latest guidelines for the CBSE syllabus. Each topic/subtopic is covered chapter by chapter and simplified in an easy to understand. This makes them easy to hold, especially for students who have difficulty with the subject. Practicing them will clear the concepts of questions which can be created in an examination. Additionally, by working at the chapter level through these important Questions to Class 11 Chemistry together with Physics Wallah solutions will also prepare students for various competitive exams in addition to final Class 11 exams such as JEE Advanced and NEET, etc.

Q6. Which is the best Class 11 Chemistry notes website?

Ans. Well, we will only say that the quality speaks and here at Physics Wallah we offer notes of chemistry prepared by our experienced and experienced teachers according to the latest NCERT class 11 chemistry program. If in doubt, you can enter your doubts in the "doubts" section and our experts will solve your questions as quickly as possible.

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