Environmental of Class 11

In the last 2 decades, the study of the phenomena related to the environment has gained enormous importance. Environmental pollution has become one of the most important issues of global concern. The branch of chemistry that deals with the study of various chemical phenomena occurring in the environment are called environmental chemistry. It is a must disciplinary science which, refers to the study of sources transport, reactions, effect & the fate of certain chemical species on air, water & solid. The accessible components of the environment are


This comprises a blanket of the gaseous layer around the earth.

(ii) Hydrosphere

This comprises about 96% of the earths surface & includes all sources of water like oceans rivers lakes, glaciers, groundwater etc.

(iii) Lithosphere

It refers to the earth's solid crust containing the outer mineral cover. It comprises soil, minerals, organic matter, etc.

(iv) Biosphere

It refers to the domain of living organisms in covalent with atmosphere hydrosphere as well as the lithosphere.


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