ICSE Worksheet for class 10 science Physics

Physics is one of the most important subjects in the next Class 11. Therefore, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the many questions in this article to help you develop your ideas and prepare a good concept for students to write a better answer.

In class 10 physics, almost all topics are covered, such as light, Electricity, source of Energy etc. Class 10th physics syllabus is very large and has high difficulty level. But by reading and practicing the many questions, you can easily get good marks. In this article, Some of the main topics covered in Class 10th physics are listed below:

  1. Source of Energy
  2. Human Eye and Colorful World
  3. Magnetism
  4. Light
  5. Electricity

Each topic is classified into several chapters, and each topics contains several questions. ICSE Worksheets for class 10 physics are beneficial for students to understand the pattern of the question paper and also get an idea about the sample paper marking process. Therefore, students should download and practice the ICSE worksheet for Class 10 Physics to get good marks in the exams.

ICSE Worksheet for class 10 Physics

Find ICSE Worksheet for class 10 science Physics these sections consist of questions in worksheet from the physics section of ICSE textbook these questions are MCQ based, Long answer types and short answer types. Do solve all questions given in ICSE class 10 Science Worksheet prepared by Physics Wallah. Students can also take help from class 10 Physics notes section to solve the question in this worksheet.

Find below chapter wise Physics Worksheet for class 10

List of Worksheets cover in these sections are

Students can download the following worksheet form this page are

  • Worksheet -1 (Force)
  • Worksheet -2 (Force)
  • Worksheet -3 (Work,Energy and Power)
  • Worksheet -4 (Work,Energy and Power)
  • Worksheet -5 (Simple machines)
  • Worksheet -6 (Refraction of light at plane surfaces)
  • Worksheet -7 (Refraction through a lens)
  • Worksheet -8 (Spectrum)
  • Worksheet -9 (Sound)
  • Worksheet -10 (Sound)
  • Worksheet 11 (Sound)
  • Worksheet -12 (Current Electricity)
  • Worksheet -13 (Current Electricity)
  • Worksheet -14 (Electrical Power and household circuits)
  • Worksheet -15 (Electrical Power and household circuits)
  • Worksheet -16 (Electromagnetism)
  • Worksheet -17 (Electromagnetism)
  • Worksheet -18 (Calorimetry)
  • Worksheet -19 (Thermionic Emission and Radioactivity)

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