Class 10 Chemistry

Class 10 Chemistry Notes with MCQ

Class 10 Chemistry notes is part of class 10 Science. Prepared by experienced teacher of Physics Wallah and well equipped with explanation of all concepts with solved example and questions. Chemistry has been an important sub-part of science subjects. Chemistry holds considerable marks in competitive marks. Excellent marks in chemistry can help students looking forward to chemistry-related fields. For too many studentsnclass 10 chemistry can be difficult in understanding, but experts are all the way available to resolve your queries.

We ensure to provide you’re with expert support in regards to chemistry. Nomenclature in organic chemistry, properties of hydrocarbons & properties of organic compounds as well as inorganic compounds are well explained in class 10 chemistry study material provided by us.

Class 10 Chemistry Notes

Tips to score Good marks in Chemistry

Chemistry is one of important part of class 10 there are almost 8 chapters of class 10 science which comes under chemistry .If you are CBSE students you have only one subject in class 10 that is class 10 science but in few boards in class 10 science is divided into three parts. For ICSE class 10 board chemistry as a subject is very important for class 10 board .Students who are preparing for JEE or NEET in early class or part of foundation batch of different coaching takes chemistry as a separate subject. Let’s understand how to read chemistry in class 10 effectively

  1. Start with class 9 chemistry revision ,read atomic structure and atomic numbers try to memories 30 atomic number from periodic table it will help you in higher classes too.
  2. Chemical bonding is the most important chapter to build solid foundation for chemistry learn how bond form ,types of bond and different type of energy associated with these bonds, try to find out the electronic balance in bond.
  3. Read NCERT text books solve all questions given in the exercise of class 10 science take help form Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science.
  4. Interest is the key for any subject so to develop interest in class 10 chemistry one must ask questions , think about the reason of a concept and how the reactions proceed , don’t think about why the reactions proceed.
  5. Reading good quality of study material is must , read the theory part of class 10 chemistry make your own notes write down all important reactions and points .
  6. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a detail notes for class 10 chemistry in each chapter of class 10 chemistry there are exercise from 1 to 5 depending upon the type of chapter and its difficulty level . try to solve these MCQ for class 10 chemistry it will be helpful to develop your concept and according to new pattern of class 10 chemistry now onwards in your class 10 board objective questions are asked of 20 marks .

Why 10th Chemistry is Important?

Class 10 chemistry study materials are planned in very systematic manner for students. We ensure that the study material we provide adheres to the national level competitive exams. Studying fundamentals in class 10 chemistry is not a tough task.

Although there are some students who face difficulty in scoring required marks in the examinations. The class 10 chemistry study material provide by Physics Wallah, helps the students to score top marks. The sole objective of preparing class 10 chemistry study material is to provide free class 10 chemistry study material to desiring students.

The complete study material has been categorized into various segments of the need for learning. The class 10 chemistry study material can be utilized for revision purposes also. Since chemistry is like a very foundation for students looking forward to making their career out of the science stream. The class 10 chemistry study material can be utilized to give an extensive revision right before the examinations. The study material is devised to bits under the guidance of experts, with a large experience of teaching chemistry subjects.

How to Study 10th chemistry effectively?

Since studying various properties of metals and non-metals could be a draining task. The team at Physics Wallah beliefs in delivering concepts rather than just study material. We have also provided concept notes along with our class 10 chemistry study material.

Our academic experts have provided solutions to every crucial problem. The students having lack of time can seamlessly go through the study material provided by experts. We have categorized complete syllabus into various sections that help the students to plan their study pattern very effectively.

We solely believe that true learning is the one that leaves students clear with their concepts.The student will leave them clear with their practical experiments. The study material has been devised after reviewing old question paper pattern.

The students can easily find the most important question in the class 10 chemistry study material. These study material has always been a top preference by toppers of the classes. We provide definitions and solutions to all complex questions and topics in order to ensure that students are benefitted the most.

Why Physics Wallah is best for Chemistry

Since our core ideology of providing accessible education to the needy, have provided class 10 chemistry study material for free. The students only need to make their account on our website and they can download it. A single click upon the download button, help the students to download it fiscally. The class 10 chemistry study material has been prepared in such a way that it could be accessed and read on mobiles, desktops, laptops & tablets.Go with the expert-created class 10 chemistry to excel in exams. Download Chemistry Formulas from Physics Wallah .NCERT solutionswill also highly helpful .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How class 10 chemistry is important?

Ans. Chemistry has always been an important part of science for class 10 students. It is not very difficult to get good marks in chemistry when you learn basic theory and chemical formulas. Students must familiarize themselves with the full class 10 chemistry syllabus, regardless of which school board they are affiliated with for their future studies.

Q2. Why do you need class 10 chemistry revision notes?

Ans. Class 10 revision notes are a useful revision tool and often include useful learning resources such as mind maps, formulas, definitions, diagrams and brief explanations of theories and concepts of chemistry. The revision note also contains additional details on a particular concepts or topic that students find useful in preparing their chemistry exam.

Q3. How class 10 chemistry revision notes are helpful?

Ans. Write down your notes immediately after completing a chapter. This way you can capture and keep the key points of the recently revised topic.

  • Maintain and update your review notes every week. This will help you check your memory power.
  • This allows you to summarise the main points to remember from a chapter, without having to invest a lot of time.

Q4. How many chapters are there in class 10 chemistry?

Ans. There are five chapters in class 10 chemistry which are below here –

  1. Chemical Reactions and Equations
  2. Acids, Bases and Salts
  3. Metals and Non-metals
  4. Carbon and its Compound
  5. Periodic Classification of Elements

Q5. What are the benefits of class 10 chemistry important questions?

Ans. It helps students to improve their overall performance.

  • It allows you to review the entire syllabus in short time.
  • It helps develop skills and achievements.
  • Important questions help them get an overview of important concepts to highlight.

Q6. Which is a best website for class 10 chemistry notes?

Ans. Well, we will only say that quality speaks and here at Physics Wallah we provide chemistry notes which are prepared by our expert and experienced teachers according to the latest syllabus of NCERT class 10 chemistry. If you have any doubt then you can ask your doubt in the ‘ask doubt section and our experts solve your queries as soon as possible.

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