CBSE Board worksheet for class 10 Maths

Physics Wallah Academic team prepared a chapter-wise CBSE worksheet for class 10 Maths With detailed solutions. These CBSE BOARD class 10 Maths worksheets consist of all types of questions required to understand the concepts of class 10 Maths.

For another subject worksheet you can visit the parent page. All Worksheet for Class 10 science are with detail solutions for reference. Solve NCERT exercise with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths that will help in the board exams.

CBSE worksheet for class 10

Find below chapter-wise CBSE BOARD worksheets in pdf for class 10 Maths

Chapter wise worksheet for CBSE Board Class 10 Maths

  1. CBSE-X Real Numbers
  2. CBSE-X Polynomial
  3. CBSE-X Linear eqtn. in two vari.
  4. CBSE-X Quadratic Equation
  5. CBSE-X Arithmetic Progression
  6. CBSE-X Co-ordinate Geometry
  7. CBSE-X Heights & Distance
  8. CBSE-X Triangles
  9. CBSE-X Trigonometry
  10. CBSE-X Circle
  11. CBSE-X Mensuration
  12. CBSE-X Measures & Cen.
  13. CBSE-X Probability
  14. CBSE-X Construction

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Which type of questions comes in standard maths class 10?

Ans. The important questions include the questions from chapters such as Real numbers, polynomials, Linear equations, Quadratic equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Triangles, and all other chapters given in the class 10 maths syllabus.

Q2. Which chapter is most challenging in class 10 maths?

Ans. Trigonometry is the most challenging chapter.

Q3. Which is the best question bank for CBSE class 10 maths?

Ans. Physics Wallah CBSE Maths Class 10 Question Bank. If you want to buy a question bank that can help you understand the exam pattern, this maths question bank by Educart can be an excellent option to consider.

Q4. Is Class 10 Maths easy?

Ans. However, mathematics isn't half as tricky as it seems. You will be able to ace the CBSE class 10 Maths exam if you stick to these simple, easy-to-follow tips and suggestions. It is essential to thoroughly review your syllabus course structure and unit-wise weightage.

Q5. Which is the easiest subject in 10th?

Ans. Every stream is easy and hard. It depends upon your perspective; some people hate maths, some hate biology, some commerce, and some history. Still, Art and commerce are the easiest streams to choose after 10th in comparison to Math and Biology; they require more focus and dedication.

Q6. Which is the easiest chapter in maths?

Ans. There are many easy chapters in Class 12th Mathematics, but if you ask for the easiest, it is Vector Algebra. Other easy chapters are Three Dimensional Geometry, Linear Programming, and Probability.

Q7. How to Score good marks in Maths

Ans. To score goode marks follow the step given below:

  • Clear your Doubt First:
  • Read the description carefully:
  • Manage your time.
  • Always check answers:
  • Help your friends to solve their problems.
  • Keep your solution Neat and Clean.
  • Make the best of technology.

Q8. How many hours should I study maths?

Ans. As a general rule, for every 1 hour you spend in class, you will spend 3 hours out of class studying / reviewing what you have learned. Therefore, to learn math from zero (1st grade) through 12th grade, you will need 8 hours to study math.

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