CDS Online Coaching

Physics Wallah offers the best CDS Online Coaching, making it an ideal candidate's choice. Our platform offers the best CDS online courses in India at an affordable price. Here, you will find the latest CDS lectures, study materials, and an exclusive mock test series.
CDS Online Coaching

Best CDS Online Coaching in India

Our platform is recognized as the best online CDS coaching in India, ensuring that you receive comprehensive preparation. We offer candidates the finest online CDS coaching, encompassing comprehensive study material, interactive online classes, practice sets, and mock tests tailored to the latest CDS Pattern. Additionally, our CDS coaching online ensures that candidates are well-prepared and equipped for success in their CDS exams. Our online courses for CDS aim to ensure that candidates pass the CDS exam on their first attempt. These courses offer the guidance of the nation's top educators and are affordable.

CDS Coaching Online Fees

We offer the most affordable online CDS coaching platform, starting at just Rs. 1999 for the CDS course named CDS-2 Viraat 2023.

The course includes several features to enhance your learning experience.

Firstly, you will receive 4 Full Syllabus Mock Tests to assess your progress.

Additionally, we provide a Doubt Engine and Live Poll Feature to address any questions or concerns you may have during your studies.

Join our affordable CDS coaching online platform and receive comprehensive CDS-2 exam guidance.

CDS Online Coaching Batch Details

We offer the best CDS coaching online for the CDS 2 2023 exams at an affordable price.

The CDS-2 Viraat 2023 course is at a special discounted price of ₹1999. Here are the details of the batch:

  1. Expert Faculties: We provide highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  2. Live Classes: More than 415 hours of live classes will be conducted on the PW app.
  3. You will receive over 240 DPPs with answer keys and detailed video solutions.
  4. 14 weekly tests will be conducted, with a focus on subject-wise and topic-wise evaluations.
  5. Additionally, four monthly tests will be administered, covering a range of subjects and topics.
  6. You will have access to four full syllabus mock tests.
  7. Our platform offers a doubt engine and live poll feature to address your queries and engage with you during classes.
  8. Live Lectures: Three live lectures will be conducted daily, each lasting 105 minutes. This will take place from Monday to Saturday.
  9. We offer detailed discussions on mock tests and test series solutions to enhance your performance.
  10. Every Sunday, we will conduct one SSB class per week.

CDS Coaching Online Advantages

PW's CDS coaching online program offers a range of benefits to students.

  1. Firstly, students can effectively organize their study schedules with the help of a lecture and test planner.
  2. Additionally, a notable advantage is the availability of committed faculty who promptly address doubts through the best-in-class Doubt Engine.
  3. Moreover, an interactive test platform with All India Ranking enables students to assess their performance and compare it with others nationwide.
  4. This CDS Coaching Online program is particularly beneficial for graduate students, as it provides comprehensive preparation materials tailored to their needs.
  5. Furthermore, if a student misses live classes, they can conveniently access recorded lectures unlimited times.
  6. Lastly, students have a revision planner to prepare for their exams effectively.

CDS Coaching Online Features

Our CDS exam preparation package offers a unique feature: a Test Series. This series provides you with daily practice using sample papers that contain questions of the same level as the upcoming CDS exam.

By participating in this test series, you can assess your performance and determine where you stand in relation to other candidates.

Best CDS Coaching Online Study Materials

Additionally, students aspiring to clear the CDS exam need essential study material. This study material explains key concepts and theories, provides examples, and offers practice problems. By utilizing the CDS Study Material, students can strengthen their understanding of the subject matter and boost their chances of success in the exam. Furthermore, our team will provide them with world-class study material specifically designed to eliminate the need for multiple books and ensure the best preparation.

CDS Coaching Online by PW

Utilize the highly relevant and reliable online source, the PW App, to enhance productivity and save valuable time, effort, and money. This app provides practice questions of the same difficulty level as the CDS entrance exam, enabling you to strengthen your preparation effectively. Furthermore, PW CDS coaching online ensures that you practice the same questions. With this comprehensive platform, you can optimize your preparation status and achieve success in the CDS entrance exam.

CDS 2 Exam 2023 Details

The CDS exam dates 2023 for CDS 2 exams, along with the UPSC Calendar 2023, have been released by UPSC.

  • CDS 2 Exam 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The UPSC sets the eligibility standards for defense recruitment, which the candidates must meet. The eligibility criteria are based on nationality, education, age, marital status, and sex.

  • CDS 2 Exam Syllabus

The Union Public Service Commission releases CDS 2 Syllabus 2023 along with the official notification.

  • CDS 2 Exam Date

The CDS 2 exam is scheduled for September 3rd, 2023.

  • CDS Marital Status

The Indian Military Academy and Indian Naval Academy state that only unmarried males can apply for the CDS Exam.

On the other hand, the Indian Air Force Academy allows both married and unmarried males to be eligible for enrollment; however, the academy strictly prohibits getting married during the training period.

In the case of the Officer Training Academy, both unmarried males and females can apply for the CDS Exam.

  • CDS 2 Vacancy 2023

This year's CDS 2 2023 Notification will announce a total of 349 vacancies for the Indian Air Force, Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Officers Training Academy.


. Which is the best CDS coaching online?

The Best CDS coaching online is provided by PW. It offers an all-inclusive, comprehensive, and value-added e-learning portal that gives you access to a CDS online course.

. Can I prepare for CDS at home?

Yes, many candidates have successfully prepared for the CDS exam on their own by utilizing textbooks, online resources, and previous year's question papers.

. Should I buy CDS online?

You can purchase the PW CDS online course at an affordable price.

. Can I crack CDS in 1st attempt?

Yes, you can clear the exam on the first attempt. Additionally, time management is key to this exam. Furthermore, practicing completing sample exams within the stipulated time is crucial.

. Is 3 months enough for CDS?

Yes, candidates can crack the CDS 2024 exam on their first attempt with at least 3 to 6 months of preparation.

. What is OTA in CDS?

Candidates who wish to serve for a short period of time can appear for the CDS exam. By selecting the Officers' Training Academy Course, they can join OTA. The duration of service in OTA ranges from 10 to 14 years.
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