NCERT Solutions for Class 11

NCERT text book of class 11 consist of very good level of questions in exercise. These questions are twisted and few of them are really difficult. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared accurate errorless NCERT solutions for class 11.

It is observed that when a student enter in class 11 from class 10 there is sudden jump in his academic level and syllabus.So it is important to have a proper planning to handle this change and pressure of class 11. NCERT books for class 11 are awesome source of good content and is a must read book for class 11 and 12.

For entrance exam like JEE and NEET NCERT text book is must .In this page we have provided a detail line by line solutions for class 11 .All the study material of solution of class 11 is prepared by expert pool of faculty members having years of experience in the field of teaching class 11 from different schools.

NCERT solutions for class 11

List of NCERT Solutions for Class 11

Physics Wallah prepared and uploaded subject-wise NCERT Solutions for class 11. Find below subject-wise solutions for class 11. Each subject consists of chapter-wise solutions from textbooks.

Why NCERT book & NCERT Solutions for Class 11 is must

  1. NCERT text book and its solutions is good combination for all Kind of problem faced in class-11 It will help you not only in class 11 exam but also in entrance exam like JEE and NEET.
  2. In our Indian education system when a child is class 10 the syllabus is very limited and the concepts are very basic, like in class 10 math’s you will read and learn the enhancements of class 9.Which is familiar to you up to certain extent.In class 11 suddenly the mathematics part change and students have to solve the calculus and coordinate geometry and PNC kind of topic which is entirely different from class 10 syllabus and this change is difficult to handle for any students.
  3. In science the situation is bit different up to class 10 science is one subject in class 11 science is divided into three major subjects physics , chemistry and biology .You must observed that in class 10 the syllabus of science consist of 15 to 20 topics and generally students use ncert solutions to have good score in their respective school test but in class 11 science is bifurcated to three main subjects of physic ,chemistry and biology and the entire subject syllabus increase to multiple fold.One must prepare himself for this change and take it with positive attitude to learn higher science and math’s. To help you while solving questions of exercise given in ncert we have prepared detail step by step explanation of ncert solutions for class 11.

Strategies to use NCERT Solutions for class 11

Based on academic preparation class 11 students are of two types, one who is focusing on his/her school unite test or school exam and second one is who are focusing on entrance exam like JEE or NEET to score good marks in entrance exam generally such students goes to coaching institute along with his school. And strategies for both type of students must be different.

Strategies for students who are focusing on school exam

If you are focusing on your school exam than ncert text book must be the primary books.Read the theory part of text book and try to solve the exercise of text books all questions and numerical by yourself.After doing the exercise from text book than use the Physics Wallah NCERT solutions of class 11 and try to build your own concept.

Strategies for students who are preparing for JEE or NEET with School exam

Aspirants who are preparing for entrance exam either for engineering entrance exam or medical entrance exam ncert text book is must.If you analyse JEE mains past four years papers you will find 60 percent questions are directly from ncert text book, and in NEET 2019 almost 92 percent questions are directly asked from NCERT text book. Therefor NCERT solution for class 11 is must for JEE mains aspirants.

Right Approach for NCERT Solutions for class 11

Physics Wallah mainly focus on science and math’s so we have developed solutions for class 11 science subjects, when you are in class 11 you will have the following three combination choice

  1. Option-A: Physics, chemistry & Mathematics
  2. Option-B:  Physics, chemistry & Biology
  3. Option-C:  Physics, chemistry, Mathematics & Biology

Option C is the big mistake so try to avoid it , it is difficult to manage four subjects in one year.If you have a deep interest in biology, they go for option B similarly if you are interested in math’s go for option A and start your planning from day 1 itself to beat the competitions. Always follow the ncert curriculum and try to solve the questions given in text book exercise make your own short notes for the subjects having all important formula and important bullet points.

It will help you in revision part before final exam, also refer solutions for class 11 to check your answers and try to add points from NCERT solution for class 11 given in Physics Wallah page , this will help you to score more in entrance exam as well as in your school unit test and other exam.The method of using solutions for class 11 in different subject must be different for example.

If you are doing math’s you must understand the concept from ncert books and one can take the help of Physics Wallah resource of for additional theory if they require.Once you are confidents about the concept of chapter now you can start solving the questions given in ncert book don’t be too fast to check the solution of class 11.

If you are preparing for Biology than information apart from the concept is important ,solution for class 11 Biology will help you to give adequate information in few lines and it will help you to save your time.Make sure you are preparing good notes. Quality notes will be key factor to win any exam.

While preparing physics and chemistry NCERT Solution for class 11 can benefited you a lot it will help you to reach the correct explanation of each question and the in-depth solution will build a solid foundation of subject with effective learnings.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Why should you refer to NCERT Class 11 Solutions?

Ans. NCERT solutions of class 11 contain solved exercises from all NCERT textbooks for class 11. NCERT solutions for class 11 available from Physics Wallah cover thematic solutions, for English, Hindi, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economic, etc. Consulting these solutions will help you understand effective problem-solving approaches for each topic.

NCERT Solutions for all topics are prepared by Physics Wallah subject matter experts, with close reference to the CBSE Board. As these PDFs are available for free download, students can easily access them. These solutions will help you understand the new concepts introduced in Class 11 more easily, helping you lay a solid foundation for higher education.

Q2. Are NCERT Solutions enough to score marks in class 11?

Ans. The grades obtained by a student depend entirely on their preparation and performance on the exam. NCERT Solutions will strengthen you in the fundamentals, which will ultimately help you correctly answer the various questions asked in the exams. But to understand the information provided in the NCERT, students are encouraged to stay focused and alert.

Q3. How to read NCERT Solutions more effectively?

Ans. Below are the important techniques to follow while reading NCERT solutions:

  1. Read the solutions carefully by understanding the meaning and importance of each line involved in that particular topic.
  2. Wherever you encounter a complex or difficult to understand the topic, seek help from your teacher to clear up any doubts.
  3. Write down the important things from NCERT Solutions to review at the time of the exam.
  4. Solve all the questions in the exercise at the end of each chapter. These questions are not only important for the exam, but they are also essential to better understand the concepts.

Q4. What are the benefits of NCERT solutions for Class 11?

Ans. The following are the benefits of the NCERT solution for class 11:

  1. By using the solutions, you can anticipate the types of questions that will be asked during the exam.
  2. With the help of the solution, it is easy to understand the topic.
  3. Learn to understand topics better in clear, simple language.
  4. The proposed solutions are good research and well organized for students.
  5. It is free for students and is based on the latest Class 11 curriculum.

Q5. Where to get NCERT Solutions for class 11?

Ans. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 is the best way to clarify all your doubts on the subject. The solutions are designed to simplify each problem and provide a step-by-step solution. You can get the most accurate NCERT solutions for class 11 on Physics Wallah website. These solutions are available in a free PDF format.

If a student has any doubts about solving NCERT problems from class 11, he can easily find the solution on Physics Wallah. With these solutions available, students don't have to waste time looking for solutions. Physics Wallah experienced teachers create solutions. Therefore, students can trust them without thinking twice.

Q6. Why are NCERT Solutions important for Class 11?

Ans. Class 11 teaches you the basics of the topics that will be covered in class 12. You must understand all the concepts in detail so that you can solve all the problems of the exercise. Once solved, you can refer to NCERT Class 11 solutions to verify your answers and correct your mistakes. These are some of the reasons why NCERT Class 11 solutions are important.

  1. NCERT solutions will help you understand what kind of graded answers you expect from the exam.
  2. Helps you formalize a solid strategy for your preparation.
  3. By practicing NCERT Class 11 solutions, you can train your mind to memorize the correct answers at the right time.

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