Physics Wallah live affordable classes provide state-of-the-art learning experience by top faculties who will conduct classes with the latest syllabus and provide solutions and solve doubts through best in-class.

Key Hig​hlights

Subjects to be covered Students will be taught as per the latest syllabus and pattern in which each and every CTET subject will be covered.

Live lectures and notes

Live lectures will be conducted on YT and students can also watch recorded sessions any number of times on PW App. Students will also be given mocks

Different batches for specific preparation

The batch समर्थ Is served according to student's needs

समर्थCTET 2022 Batch

  1. Channel Name - TeachingWallah(TW)
  2. Batch Will be launched on 30th Oct’22 (starting Dates are 2nd Nov).
  3. This will be made live + recording on TeachingWallah channel.
  4. This Batch Course is for CTET 2022
  5. This is a Free App/YT course for CTET .
  6. Live lectures by the best faculties of India on PW app / TW YT
  7. Class Notes with Lecture schedule will be available on PW App.
  8. Lectures will be delivered in the Bilingual Mode (HINGLISH language).
  9. Weekly lecture planner will be available on TW Yt channel community section
  10. Starting date: 2nd November
  11. Syllabus Completion date: 16th december
  12. Classes will be held on Monday to Saturday with 7 classes per day
  13. Mock Tests on PW App
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