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Physics Wallah, an ideal candidate's choice, offers the best IPMAT online coaching in India at an affordable price. Our platform provides students with the latest IPMAT lectures, study materials, and an exclusive mock test series. PW IPMAT online coaching is an accessible and cost-effective option that effectively prepares students for the prestigious IPMAT Examination.

MasterQuest IPMAT 2024

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IPMAT Trail Blazers 2024

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IPMAT Coaching Online

Best IPMAT Online Coaching

We provide candidates with the best IPMAT online coaching, including comprehensive study material, interactive online classes, practice sets, and mock tests designed to align with the latest IPMAT Exam Pattern. Moreover, our IPMAT online courses guarantee that candidates are thoroughly prepared and equipped to excel in their IPMAT exams. Our online courses for IPMAT ensure that candidates pass the IPMAT exam on their first attempt. These courses guide the nation's top educators and are affordably priced. Additionally, we offer a seamless learning experience with interactive modules and comprehensive study materials. With our courses, candidates receive expert instruction and support, enabling them to succeed in the IPMAT exam.

IPMAT Online Coaching Free

Our IPMAT online coaching also offers a free batch called IPMAT Trail Blazers 2024. This batch is specifically designed for students currently in Class 12 or who recently graduated from Class 12. We will provide recorded lectures on the PW's website under the IPMAT Category to facilitate learning. Additionally, the weekly schedule will be regularly updated on the community section of the IPMAT Wallah Announcement tab in the PW App. We will provide Lecture Notes and DPPs (Daily Practice Problems) for comprehensive study materials on our PW App, specifically under the IPMAT Trailblazers 2024 Free Batch. In terms of class structure, there will be one class for each subject every week. These classes will be recorded and made available at 6 PM.

IPMAT Online Coaching Fees

We offer the most affordable IPMAT online coaching platform, starting at just Rs. 5999 for the IPMAT course named Master Quest IPMAT 2024. Start your preparation for IPMAT with PW's comprehensive best IPMAT online coaching program, available online. Our team of expert instructors specialises in IPMAT online coaching, ensuring that you receive top-notch guidance and support throughout your preparation journey. By enrolling in our classes, you can confidently tackle the IPMAT exam and maximize your chances of success. So don't hesitate to enrol now to unlock your full potential with our trusted IPMAT online coaching program.

IPMAT Online Coaching Batch Details

We offer the best IPMAT online coaching for the IPMAT 2024 exams at an affordable price.

The MasterQuest IPMAT 2024 course is at a special discounted price of ₹5999. Our IPMAT online coaching batch includes the following features:

  1. Live lectures and session recordings: We provide a total of 4.5 hours of live lectures and session recordings every week.
  2. Expert doubt sessions: Students can attend sessions with subject faculty experts in their respective fields.
  3. Monthly sessions on Current Affairs: We conduct two monthly sessions focusing on the previous month's updates in the field of Current Affairs.
  4. Recorded lectures on the PW website: All lectures are recorded and made available on the PW website under the IPMAT Category for easy access.
  5. Weekly schedule updates on the PW App: The weekly schedule will be regularly updated on the community section of the IPMAT Wallah Announcement tab in the PW App.
  6. Lecture Notes + DPPs (Daily Practice Problems): Students will receive comprehensive lecture notes and Daily Practice Problems on our PW App under the MasterQuest IPMAT 2024 Batch.
  7. In addition, access to question bank and practice mock tests: Students will have access to a comprehensive question bank and practice mock tests to enhance their preparation.
  8. Lastly, live classes and instant recording availability: Each subject will have live classes every week, and students will have access to the recordings instantly.

IPMAT Online Coaching Advantages

PW's IPMAT online coaching program offers a range of benefits to students.

  1. Our IPM online courses allow individuals to study or revise concepts anytime conveniently.
  2. The program offers flexibility, allowing learners to access any topic they want to study online at any time.
  3. Furthermore, students can engage in the IPM Online Coaching to learn from one another, receive expert guidance from faculty members, and actively participate in discussions with study group members.
  4. Recorded video lectures, e-books, and assignments are provided in the IPM online coaching, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
  5. Additionally, participants gain valuable tips and tricks to enhance their question-solving speed and improve their chances of clearing the exam.
  6. Mock tests are integral to online coaching, enabling individuals to analyze their performance and determine the effort required to excel in the IPMAT.
  7. Furthermore, IPM online coaching provides comprehensive study materials encompassing the IPMAT syllabus.
  8. These materials serve as valuable resources to support students in their learning journey.

IPMAT Online Classes Features

Our IPMAT online coaching exam preparation package offers a unique feature: an IPMAT Test Series.

This series provides you with daily practice using sample papers that contain questions of the same level as the upcoming IPMAT exam.

By participating in this test series, you can assess your performance and determine where you stand in relation to other candidates.

Best IPMAT Online Coaching Study Materials

Moreover, students aiming to clear the IPMAT exam require essential IPMAT study material. This study material explains key concepts and theories, provides examples, and offers practice problems. By utilizing the IPMAT Study Material, students can strengthen their understanding of the subject matter and enhance their chances of success in the exam. Additionally, our team will actively provide them with world-class IPMAT study material designed to eliminate the need for multiple books and ensure the best preparation.

IPMAT Online Coaching by PW

The PW App is an incredibly valuable and reliable online source that can greatly enhance productivity and save valuable time, effort, and money for the IPMAT online coaching program. By utilizing this app, you gain access to practice questions specifically designed to match the difficulty level of the IPMAT exam, allowing you to strengthen your preparation effectively. Moreover, the app's top-notch IPMAT online coaching ensures that you engage with the same questions, providing a comprehensive platform to optimize your preparation status and ultimately achieve success in the IPMAT exam.

IPMAT Exam 2024 Details

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) application form for 2024 will soon be released online mode. This aptitude test, known as IPMAT 2024, is conducted yearly for the applicants.

  • IPMAT 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have completed SSC, HSC, or any equivalent examination from a recognised board or university.

In order to qualify, applicants need to secure over 60% marks (55% marks in case of reserved class applicants) in the qualifying examination.

  • IPMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The syllabus is extensive, comprising three sections. Quantitative Ability (Section 1 & 2) and Verbal Ability (Section 3)

  • IPMAT Mode Of Exam

The Exam will be conducted online.

  • IPMAT 2024 Application Fee

For general category applicants, the application fee amounts to Rs 4130/- (including GST), while reserved category applicants are required to pay Rs 2065/- (including GST).

The application fee is nonrefundable, non transferable, and non adjustable.


. Which coaching is best for IPMAT online?

The best online coaching for IPMAT is IPMAT Wallah by PW. It is highly recommended for students seeking preparation for the exam.

. Can I crack IPMAT without coaching?

To achieve a better score, one can join coaching. Joining coaching can help improve academic performance, increase the chances of scoring 300+, and enhance the WAT score and PI performance

. Can I crack IPMAT in 2 months?

Yes, it is crucial for aspirants to familiarise themselves with the IPMAT syllabus and exam pattern.

. Is 200 a good score in IPMAT?

A score of 300+, excellent past academic performance, a decent WAT score, and a successful Personal Interview is required to crack this exam.

. Is cracking IPMAT easy?

It is impossible to predict whether the IPMAT exam is easy or not. The difficulty level of the IPMAT 2023 cannot be predicted as it varies from year to year.

. Is 3 months enough for IPMAT?

To prepare effectively for the IPMAT exam, candidates must create a well-structured timetable.
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