Class 11 Online Coaching

PW offer affordable Class 11 online coaching, providing students with the latest study material, mock test series, lectures, and live classes. Our platform has a vast network of highly experienced and top-rated online teachers, making us the best Class 11 online coaching. Our online teachers deliver excellent guidance to students for all subjects and quickly clarify their doubts.

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Class 11 Online Coaching

Class 11 Online Coaching in India

We offer the best Class 11 online coaching in India at an affordable price, making high-quality coaching accessible to all students. Our online teachers strategically impart the coaching, ensuring students do not feel overwhelmed while covering the syllabus and can systematically handle exam pressure.

Additionally, our expert teachers design and structure our Class 11 online coaching classes into proper lessons. They ensure a customized learning experience for all students. In these classes, students can interact with the online teacher and instantly clarify their doubts without postponing them later.

Best Class 11 Online Coaching

We provide the best online class 11 coaching in India. Our experienced teachers conduct online sessions in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Board. They deliver lessons following the curriculum, which enables students to maintain a harmonious balance between online coaching and traditional classroom instruction at school.

This approach enhances their ability to comprehend concepts effectively and handle the pressures of exams, preparing them for advanced classes.

Class 11 Online Coaching by PW

Our team of expert teachers curates our Class 11 online coaching, employing a personalized teaching-learning methodology that facilitates students' grasp of concepts. Furthermore, we regularly conduct assessments and online tests for Class 11, ensuring students stay engaged with their curriculum and achieve high grades in all exams.

In addition to our class 11 online classes program, we provide sample papers for all major subjects. Our team of subject-matter experts designed these sample papers, aligning with the latest exam pattern and syllabus mandated by the Board. Moreover, you can also sign up for a free demo online Class 11 session to experience the joy of learning through our online platform and engage in interactive discussions with our teachers.

Class 11 Online Coaching Free

We offer class 11 online coaching free for students, featuring the best faculty and study material. Our top online courses include Abhiyaan in various languages, such as:

  1. Abhiyaan (Bangla)
  2. Abhiyaan (Telugu)
  3. Abhiyaan (Marathi)
  4. Abhiyaan (Kannada)
  5. Abhiyaan (Gujarati)

The best faculties in India will cover the full syllabus of class 11. All the classes will be recorded and provided on our PW App and YouTube channel. The language used in the batch will be a combination of the state language and English.

For easy reference, notes in PDF format will be provided for each class. Additionally, we will offer DPP (Daily Practice Problems) with hints and solutions to help students enhance their understanding.

At last, to ensure regular practice and assessment, we will conduct weekly live practice sessions and monthly practice tests.

Class 11 Online Coaching Benefits

  1. The class 11 online coaching offers students the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of outstanding educators in the country at an attractive cost.
  2. The class 11 online coaching includes live lectures and notes that are based on the most recent exam pattern.
  3. Moreover, parents can accompany their children at home, which enhances their learning experience as they feel more comfortable in their surroundings.
  4. To ensure a strong foundation in subjects right from the beginning, we have developed courses specifically tailored for class 11 students.
  5. Our courses feature some of the best educators in the country who will be teaching you.
  6. Regular classes and question-and-answer sessions are organized to address any confusion or doubts you may have. You can either watch the recorded video classes or actively participate in live lectures, depending on your availability.
  7. Additionally, after each class, you can evaluate your understanding through Daily Practice Problems.
  8. These courses adhere to the CBSE curriculum, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics.
  9. At last, by offering access to exceptional educators, providing various learning options, and incorporating regular assessment opportunities, our class 11 online coaching aims to support students in building a strong academic foundation and achieving success in their studies.

Study Material by Best Class 11 Online Coaching

We provide the class 11 Study Materials for 11 Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other subjects such as NCERT Solutions, Revision Notes, Sample Papers, and Previous Year Question Papers in PDF format. By practicing Important Questions with Formulas, we aim to help you score higher in your Class 11 Exam.

Furthermore, our study materials strictly follow the syllabus prescribed by the Board, excluding any extra information that may be unnecessary. It is important for students to stick to the NCERT textbooks while also utilizing additional references for enhanced learning.

To access well-researched and high-quality chapters, sample papers, and syllabus on various topics, you can visit our website, PW, or download our mobile application from the play store.

Class 11 Exam Details

Thoroughly studying CBSE Class 11 subjects and gaining conceptual understanding will help students achieve good marks in their board exams and competitive exams.

CBSE Class 11 Exam Pattern

  1. Biology - Theory Paper (70 Marks) and Practical Paper (30 Marks)
  2. Physics - Theory Paper (70 Marks) and Practical Paper (30 Marks)
  3. Chemistry - Theory Paper (70 Marks) and Practical Paper (30 Marks)
  4. Mathematics - Theory Paper (100 Marks)
  5. Hindi - Theory Paper (100 Marks)
  6. English - Theory Paper (100 Marks)

CBSE Class 11 Exam Syllabus

The Class 11 exam syllabus includes the following subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Hindi, and English.


. Which is the best online coaching for class 11?

PW is India's largest and best edtech platform that provides affordable and top-notch class 11 online coaching.

. Will class 11 have online classes?

PW offered to class 11 online coaching classes, including live lectures and notes based on the most recent exam pattern.

. Is Physics Wallah enough for class 11?

Students at PW receive excellent value for their investment, surpassing the offerings of other platforms that may require a one-time payment but lack effectiveness in the long run. Therefore, PW is truly worth it.

. Is class 12 easier than 11 PCM?

To prepare for class 11, which is considered comparatively tougher than class 12, reviewing the basics and formulas related to the 11th-grade curriculum is recommended.
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