State PSC Coaching

PW, India's largest State PSC platform, provides you with the following benefits: the opportunity to learn with the best faculties and quality content with 360-degree coverage at an affordable cost, allowing you to excel in your State PSC journey. Best faculties and content.


Physics Wallah offers UPPSC Online Coaching at very reasonable rates. You will receive high-quality lectures, appropriate study materials, and assistance.


PW offers the best BPSC Online Coaching, providing comprehensive study materials, video lectures, and mock tests.


PW provides MPSC Online Coaching, offering comprehensive study materials, video lectures, and mock tests. By enrolling in PW's state MPSC online course, you can seize opportunities in the public sector.


Join PW MPPSC Online Coaching today and start your preparation from the basics to the advanced. Physics Wallah’s skilled teachers prepare strong strategies to crack the MPPSC Exam 2024.


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PW, India's largest State PSC platform, offers an array of advantages to help you succeed in your State Public Service Commission (PSC) journey. With a focus on providing high-quality education, PW stands out as the Best State PSC Coaching & ideal choice for aspirants.

Best State PSC Coaching in India

Physics Wallah (PW) stands as the premier choice for State PSC online coaching in India. We take immense pride in delivering top-notch education, featuring the finest faculty and comprehensive courses to cater to the unique needs of State PSC aspirants. Our dedicated team comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable educators, each specializing in their respective subjects, including history, geography, politics, economics, and more.

State PSC Online Coaching

At Physics Wallah, we offer various online courses for State Public Service Commission (PSC) aspirants. Our team of expert teachers is here to help you succeed in State PSC exams. In our State PSC Online coaching program, you'll find useful resources like regular tests, practice exams, and sessions to clear your doubts. These help you understand the subjects better and track your progress.

We know how important practice tests are in preparing for the State PSC exams. That's why we provide immense opportunities for you to practice and improve your skills. If you're preparing for the UPSC exam, our courses are designed to give you top-quality education and guidance, tailored to your needs. Join PW today to start your journey towards success in State PSC exams.

State PSC Online Courses

PW offers a wide array of online courses designed to help aspiring candidates excel in State Public Service Commission (PSC) exams. We take great pride in our team of expert educators who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of State PSC. At PW, our State PSC online coaching program is packed with valuable resources and features to support our students. We provide regular assessments, mock tests, and dedicated doubt-clearing sessions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subjects and enable students to track their progress effectively. Recognizing the importance of mock tests in State PSC exam preparation, our program places a strong emphasis on offering ample practice opportunities to help students hone their skills.

For those looking to embark on a journey towards excellence in the UPSC exams, PW provides a dynamic learning environment through our UPSC online coaching courses. These courses are meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of UPSC aspirants, ensuring they receive top-tier education and guidance.

Free State PSC Online Coaching

  1. Daily Current Affairs - UPPSC / BPSC
  2. UPPSC/ BPSC | NCERT Batch
  3. अभिमान (Abhimaan)
  4. UPPSC PCS 2023 Prelims One-Shot Series

State PSC Online Coaching Features

  1. These courses are specifically designed for aspirants for the State PSC Exam 2023.
  2. There will be classes from Monday through Friday (two classes per day).
  3. The language of classes will be Hindi, depending on your state, other languages are also available. In Hindi and English, there will be class notes available.
  4. Focus in class on in-depth research of questions from previous years
  5. Before the 15th of the following month, Manthan - Monthly Current Affairs Magazine will be available.
  6. Students will see live and recorded lectures delivered by a top-notch instructor.
  7. The PW app will include lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations from our specialists. With weekly dedicated hours for question resolution, we have a Doubt Engine tool for the immediate resolution of all your inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

. Who should enroll in this batch?

This batch is for all State PSC candidates and students who are preparing for the upcoming State PSC Prelims and Mains Exam.

. How do I make a payment?

Some of the Batches are completely free on YouTube and on the PW app. And for most Engaging and Paid Batches you can check and make payments on PW App.

. Will the class be streamed live or recorded?

These courses are a collection of both live and recorded classes. Even if a student misses a live class, the missed course can be available in recorded form on the PW app.

. If we have any doubts, how can we ask a question in a lecture?

Go to batch After selecting the subject, navigate to the appropriate class and select the "Ask a Doubt" option. After the relevant course, additional doubts classes will be available.

. What will be the faculty of these courses?

A top-notch instructor and experts will offer live and recorded lectures to all the students.

. Is this batch free or paid?

There are several crash courses available for the State PSC Exam for all students available on PW's YouTube channel and PW App which is free of cost and many other most Engaging and paid batches which you can access on the PW App.

. Classes will stream on which channel?

These courses will be streamed on the PW's YouTube channel and you can check PW App.

. What will the course syllabus look like?

For those preparing for the State PSC Prelims & Mains Exam, a comprehensive and exhaustive syllabus is available.

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