Best study plan for the RRB group D exam

Nov 24, 2022, 16:45 IST

Candidates must use RRB Group D exam preparation advice to succeed in the test. Numerous openings for RRB Group D are published annually, and candidates are chosen based on performance in computer-based tests (CBT), physical exams (PET), document verification, and medical exams. Candidates must adequately prepare for the Railway Group D exam because there were numerous applicants.

Although applicants must believe it is a tough nut to crack, with the right RRB Group D preparation advice, they can meet the necessary cutoff scores and succeed in the relevant tests.

Aspiring candidates have the chance to work with the Indian Government in a good position and with a generous wage package through the RRB Group D test.

Best study plan for the RRB group D exam

RRB Exam Highlights for Group D

The following are some significant highlights of the RRB Group D exam-

  • The RRB Group D selection process entails a medical examination, a physical efficiency test, document verification, and computer-based testing.
  • Candidates must complete a qualification test called the Physical Efficiency Test.
  • The four subjects for the RRB Group D test are mathematics, general intelligence, general science, and general awareness.
  • According to the hostile marking policy used during the exam, one-third of a mark is subtracted for each unsuccessful attempt.

Exam Pattern for Group D in RRB 2022

The four portions of the RRB Group D CBT exam are broken down into 100 total marks. The examination lasts 90 minutes (120 minutes for eligible PwBD candidates accompanied by the scribe).

There are 100 objective multiple-choice questions on the test paper in total. Below is a breakdown of the RRB Group D CBT pattern's structure.

Sections Number of questions
General Science 25
Mathematics 25
Reasoning and General Intelligence and 30
Current Affairs and General Awareness 20
Total 100

Tips for Preparing for RRB Group D in General Science

This section's questions are for classes 10 and 12. Candidates might review the material in their high school textbooks. Review all the crucial Science chapters. Here are a few general science preparation suggestions-

  • Make a note of the essential subjects.
  • Rather than cramming, try comprehending the concepts.
  • Set aside time to edit the chapters.
  • Use sample or old question papers to solve the problems.

Paramount General Science Topics.

  • Classification
  • Life Cycles
  • Ecology
  • Energy Production Sources
  • Salts, Bases, and Acids
  • Non-Metals and Metals
  • Chemical Processes
  • Measurement and Units
  • Magnetism, electricity, and heat force
  • Gravitation

RRB Group D Mathematics Exam Preparation Tips

Candidates can adhere to the advice in the following section-

  • Candidates should become familiar with quick ways to answer queries.
  • Recognize the concepts and formulas
  • Take practice exams to assess your exam readiness.
  • Candidates ought to train every day.
  • Determine your areas of weakness and attempt to strengthen them.

Important Mathematics Topics-

  • Percentage
  • Proportion and Ratio
  • Percentage of Work and Time
  • Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

RRB Group D Preparation Advice for Reasoning and General Intelligence

See the following for some preparation advice for this section-

  • Candidates must choose both significant and less significant themes.
  • Consolidate reasoning abilities by completing problems
  • To achieve high marks, consistently practice this part.
  • Concentrate on revision because it will help applicants identify their weak points.
  • Candidates should take practice exams.

Important General Intelligence and Reasoning Topics-

  • Analogy.
  • Classification.
  • Direction.
  • Blood Relationship.
  • Analytical.
  • Reasoning.
  • Syllogism.
  • Argument from Statement
  • Assumption.

RRB Group D Preparation Advice for Current Affairs and General Knowledge

The general knowledge skills of the candidate are evaluated in this part. The majority of questions in this part deal with current events in technology, science, sports, personalities, culture, economics, and politics, among other themes. Candidates should keep themselves current on current affairs.

RRB group D study plan

Candidates might review the following essential advice to pass the RRB Group D exam-

  1. Knowledge of the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before starting their preparation, candidates should be familiar with the exam format and syllabus. Candidates can better understand the exam's overall structure by familiarizing themselves with its pattern. Candidates can learn the syllabus's themes and subtopics they must study for the exam. Candidates have a better understanding of the exam in this way.

  1. Additional Practice

The only way to do well in the exam is to practice. Candidates should spend as much time practicing sample questions, past years' papers, and mock examinations. This will enhance your confidence in a subject and help you overcome last-minute nerves.

  1. Cover the syllabus and ensure that the fundamentals are understood.

Students should attempt to cover the entire course while also remembering to review their basics. Just concentrate on theories and concepts. Examine the list of themes and modify those that are frequently mentioned.

  1. Make the study plan a priority.

Setting the study plan's priorities is crucial. Make a list of the topics you want to review, and then determine how much time you should spend on each one. Concentrate on what you have previously learned and comprehended.

  1. Discover Your Errors

When candidates take a mock test, they must learn from their errors. They ought to try to steer clear of identical mistakes and make an effort to comprehend by looking at the process or justification for the correct response.


In conclusion, the best study plan for the RRB Group D exam is to study regularly and focus on practicing mock exams. This will help you become familiar with the exam format and identify areas where you may need to improve your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I pass Group D of RRB in three months?

Ans. Candidates must adhere to a strict study program and exert constant effort to pass the Railway Group D test in 2-3 months of self-preparation. To increase their chances of success, they should also employ high-quality study resources and take as many mock exams as possible.

Q2. RRB Group D test difficulty?

Ans. Students reported that the RRB Group D Phase 4 2022 exam was easy to moderately complex. The general knowledge questions were challenging. The questions were drawn from the previous year's current events in some sets. There were no questions about the 2022 current events in specific locations.

Q3. Is a railroad career suitable for a woman?

Ans. Because the railways are such a large organization, personnel may put their abilities to good use. The railway is the most significant government organization for female employees. The train provides a much more excellent platform for girls, who will have many more chances.

Q4. How much does a loco pilot make?

Ans. For experience ranging from 2 to 21 years, the average Indian Railways Loco Pilot salary in India is 7.1 Lakhs. The remuneration of a loco pilot at Indian Railways India ranges from 0.5 Lakhs to 15.0 Lakhs. Railways Companies Salary estimates are based on 51 salaries submitted by various Indian Railways India workers.

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