What is The Full Form of UPS ?

Aug 16, 2022, 16:45 IST


An ‘Uninterruptible power supply ’ is the full form of UPS. UPS is a type of power system with a built-in battery, and in the absence of the primary mode or when the power is cut off, the battery is used for the power supply. A UPS can run a computer for several minutes, giving people enough time to keep all the information and avoid damaging it. Therefore, battery size plays an essential role in choosing a UPS system. Many UPSs on the market today offer technology that instantly saves your information and shuts down your computer. The UPS acts as an intermediary or link between the shared source and the equipment.

full form of UPS


1.John Hanley was the first to invent UPS. John Hanley completed his first UPS in 1934.

2.Damage caused by spikes and spikes to hardware is prohibited.

3.Protects against data loss and corruption.

4.High efficiency and reliability

5.Provides easy access to networks and other applications while reducing downtime

6.Relatively low requirements for size, cost, and weight.


UPS systems are classified into two types, described below.

A.UPS online

The built-in UPS is a constant power supply that continuously supplies power from the inverter. It has two main drawbacks: firstly, it is more expensive than a standby UPS, and secondly, it consists of a cooling fan that makes a lot of noise.

B.Stand by power

Back-up power is also known as a stand-alone UPS, and when power is removed, it switches to battery in milliseconds. During this time, no power is supplied to the PC. This resource is used primarily in a computer or office supply store.


1.The UPS power supply helps maintain the electrical system and power all computers during a power outage.

2.you can continue what you were doing on your computer without losing data.

3.you can get a surge of protection and safety due to power outages.

4.The Line Interactive UPS maintains incoming power clean before transferring it.


1.It is unreliable

2.Replacement costs are higher because these UPS batteries do not last forever; UPS batteries only last five to ten years, so new cells need to be replaced.

3.The UPS is not easy to install, and we needed specialists to fix it.


1.Fixed peak voltage (sustained overvoltage).

2.Remove sound.

3.Rapid decrease in input voltage.

4.Harmonic distortion.


1.The UPS is used in personal equipment such as computers, televisions, etc.

2.It is also used in many industries where there is a potential for many problems due to power outages.

3.It is used in the medical world together with rescue equipment such as fans, etc.

4.It is also widely used in the telecommunications field. The UPS is also used to run internet servers.

5.You can use it in homes due to the lack of electricity when the main power is cut off.

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