AE & JE Civil Online Coaching

Physics Wallah's AE & JE Civil Online Coaching is a comprehensive program that provides top-notch guidance and resources to help you excel in your AE & JE Civil exams. Enroll in our AE & JE Civil Online Coaching today and kickstart your preparation from the basics. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and increase your chances of acing the exams in 2024.

SSC JE Foundation Batch - Civil

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UKPSC JE (Civil)

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Ashoka 2024 Batch B - AE/JE Civil

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AE & JE Civil Online Coaching

Best AE & JE Civil Online Coaching

Experience the best AE & JE CIVIL Online Coaching with Physics Wallah. Our coaching program has been methodically crafted to offer you the most outstanding possible preparation for the Civil Exams for Assistant Engineers (AE) and Junior Engineers (JE).

With our expert faculty, comprehensive study materials, and advanced teaching methods, we will help you accomplish your goals.

Our AE & JE Civil Online Coaching offers the convenience of learning from anywhere, anytime. Our faculty members, experienced in civil engineering, deliver engaging video lectures covering the entire syllabus.

Online AE & JE Civil Coaching in India

With our Online AE & JE CIVIL Coaching, you can access high-quality education from homes. We understand the importance of flexibility in your preparation, and our online platform ensures that you can study at your own pace and convenience.

Our experienced faculty members, well-versed in the civil engineering domain, deliver comprehensive video lectures that cover all the essential concepts and topics required for the AE & JE Civil exams.

We utilize engaging teaching methods to make the learning process enjoyable and effective.

AE & JE Civil Online Courses by PW

Physics Wallah's AE & JE Civil Online Courses are designed to cater to aspiring candidates preparing for the Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) Civil exams.

Our online courses provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand approach to help you master the concepts and excel in these competitive exams.

Regular assessments and practice exams are also part of our online AE & JE Civil courses to help you gauge your progress and pinpoint your areas for development.

This enables you to build confidence and get accustomed to the exam pattern, ensuring you are well-prepared on the day of the exam.

AE & JE Civil Online Coaching in Hindi

Physics Wallah is delighted to offer AE & JE Civil Online Coaching in Hindi, catering to the aspirants preparing for the Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) Civil exams.

Our coaching program in Hindi ensures that language is not a barrier to your exam preparation, providing you with a comfortable and practical learning experience.

To enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills, you can access practice questions, study materials, and mock tests with our AE & JE Civil Online Coaching in Hindi.

These resources are tailored to the AE & JE Civil exam patterns, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges.

Free AE & JE Civil Online Coaching

We are committed to supporting your AE & JE Civil exam preparation journey. We also offer some free AE & JE Civil Online Coaching programs. These Programs are as follows:

  • SSC JE Civil
  • KALAM AEJE Civil

AE & JE Civil Online Coaching Features

Our AE & JE Civil Online Coaching Program has various features to provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience. The AE & JE civil online coaching features are as follows:

  1. Experienced Faculty: Our coaching program is conducted by experienced faculty members specializing in civil engineering. We bring their expertise and knowledge to deliver engaging lectures and provide valuable guidance throughout your exam preparation.
  2. Video Lectures: Access high-quality video lectures covering all the essential topics of the AE & JE Civil exams.
  3. Live Classes: Attend interactive live classes where you can interact with the faculty and fellow students, ask questions, and participate in discussions. These classes provide a platform for real-time learning and the clarification of doubts.
  4. Doubt-Solving Sessions: Clear your doubts and queries through dedicated doubt-solving sessions. Our faculty members are available to provide personalized attention and address any difficulties you may encounter during your preparation.
  5. Comprehensive Study Material: Access comprehensive study material, including notes, practice questions, and mock tests. Our study material is designed to cover the entire syllabus, helping you build a strong foundation and enhance your problem-solving skills.
  6. Exam-oriented Approach: Our coaching program is structured to align with the exam pattern and requirements of the AE & JE Civil exams. We focus on providing exam-oriented content, practice questions, and mock tests to familiarize you with the exam format and enhance your performance.
  7. Convenience and Flexibility: You can access the study material and lectures anytime, anywhere, allowing you to manage your preparation according to your schedule.

Study Material by Best AE & JE Civil Online Coaching

As the best AE & JE Civil Online Coaching provider, we offer the Best Quality study material to support your exam preparation.

The study material includes:

  • Detailed notes
  • Practice questions
  • Solved examples
  • Previous year's question papers

It is structured systematically to help you understand the concepts, reinforce learning, and improve problem-solving abilities.

AE & JE Civil Exam 2024 Details

People who have earned their B.E. or B.Tech or advanced students are interested in taking the AE & JE tests. We have compiled a thorough list of prominent AE & JE tests with pertinent information like exam dates and syllabi. This compilation is valuable for updating you on these tests' most recent material.

  • AE & JE Exam Notification 2024

The official AE & JE exam announcement for 2024 will be made available online by the Commission. The AE & JE 2024 application form will also be available at along with the official notification. AE & JE registration will start online in 2024.

For the AE & JE recruitment 2024, graduates or diploma holders between the ages of 27 and 32 can apply. Click the link to get updated for AE & JE notifications 2024.

  • AE & JE Eligibility Criteria 2024

Specific educational prerequisites and age restrictions are part of the eligibility requirements for AE & JE posts in 2024. Junior engineer openings are usually announced by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), and these assistant engineer positions can be accessed on either the state or SSC websites. Click the link to learn more about AE & JE Eligibility Criteria.

  • AE & JE 2024 Exam Date

The official announcement will likely be released in October 2023, with the written test in March 2024.

  • AE & JE 2024 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for the AE (Assistant Engineer) and JE (Junior Engineer) exams in 2024 may differ based on the organization or state administering the exams. However, these tests often consist of multiple-choice or objective-type questions.

The exams may also include a portion of general aptitude and reasoning. Applicants can consult the official notice or the organizing body's website for precise and thorough information on the AE & JE Exam Pattern 2024.

  • AE & JE Civil Syllabus 2024

The syllabus for the AE & JE exams varies based on the exam authority. Nonetheless, most of the AE & JE exam syllabus is the same as for other AE & JE exams. Check out the AE & JE Civil Syllabus 2024.


. What are AE & JE Civil Online Coaching?

It is an online coaching program designed to help aspirants prepare for the Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) Civil exams.

. How to do AE & JE Civil Online Coaching work?

It provides live classes, video lectures, study material, and doubt-solving sessions online, accessible anytime and anywhere.

. Who conducts the AE & JE Civil Online Coaching?

Experienced faculty members with expertise in civil engineering conduct the coaching.

. What study material is provided in AE & JE Civil Online Coaching?

Comprehensive study material is provided, including notes, practice questions, and mock tests.

. How is doubt-solving addressed in AE & JE Civil Online Coaching?

Dedicated doubt-solving sessions are conducted to address student queries and provide personalized attention.
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