ESE Online Coaching

The ESE Online Coaching is best for the aspirant's preparation. Physics Wallah offers the best ESE Online Coaching for students. Our comprehensive and well-structured curriculum provides students with ample practice questions, sample papers, and mock tests to help them build their problem-solving skills and improve their speed and accuracy.


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Shreshth ESE + GATE CIVIL 2025

Mock Tests
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Live Lectures
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ESE Non Tech 2024 - General Studies and Engineering Aptitude

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ESE Online Coaching

Best ESE Online Coaching

When it comes to finding the best ESE online coaching, PW stands out as a top choice. With our exceptional track record and commitment to excellence, We aim to provide students with the best possible platform to prepare for the ESE.

One of the key factors that makes us the best choice for ESE online coaching is our exceptional faculty. We have a team of highly qualified teachers who possess extensive expertise in their respective domains. Our teachers deeply understand the ESE exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme, allowing them to provide targeted guidance and insights to students.

ESE Online Coaching in India

Our ESE Online Coaching in India provides excellent resources and guidance to help aspiring engineers achieve success in this competitive exam. ESE is a prestigious examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit engineers for various government departments and organizations.

One of the significant advantages of ESE online coaching is its accessibility. Our platforms allow students to access study materials, recorded lectures, practice questions, and mock tests from the comfort of their homes.

GATE ESE Online Coaching by PW

GATE ESE Online Coaching provides a combined approach to preparing for the Engineering Services Examination and the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. Our Courses are designed to enhance knowledge, problem-solving skills, and overall performance in these prestigious exams.

  • Shreshth ESE + GATE Civil 2025: Ideal for civil engineering students. Includes 10 mock tests and comprehensive study materials at a discounted price.
  • ESE Non-Tech 2024: General Studies and Engineering Aptitude: Designed for non-technical subjects in the ESE exam. Offers 250+ class notes and study materials at a discounted price.
  • Shreshth ESE + GATE Electrical 2025: Tailored for electrical engineering students. Provides a comprehensive curriculum, lectures, and study materials at a discounted price.
  • Shreshth ESE + GATE Electronics 2025: Designed for electronics engineering students. Includes 250+ live lectures and study materials at a discounted price.

GATE ESE Online Coaching Features

GATE ESE Online Coaching offers a range of features to help engineering aspirants excel in their preparation for the GATE and ESE. The GATE ESE online coaching by PW features includes the following.

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all subjects required for GATE and ESE exams.
  • Experienced faculty members with in-depth knowledge of exam patterns and syllabus.
  • Recorded lectures delivered by expert teachers, simplifying complex concepts.
  • Interactive doubt-solving sessions for immediate clarification of queries.
  • Study materials, practice questions, and mock tests for extensive preparation.
  • Regular assessments and progress tracking to evaluate performance.
  • Flexible learning with 24/7 access to study materials and lectures.
  • Affordable pricing options to suit different budgets.
  • Integration of GATE and ESE preparation for efficient time management.
  • Vibrant student communities for interaction and peer learning.

ESE Exam 2023 Details

The Engineering Services Examination is a highly competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in India. It serves as a gateway for engineering graduates to secure prestigious positions in various government departments.

  • ESE Exam Date 2023

To stay updated and get accurate information about the important dates for the ESE Exam 2023, Check the ESE Exam Date 2023.

  • ESE Exam Notification 2023

Check the important dates and the latest ESE Exam Notification 2023 from here.

  • ESE Exam Eligibility 2023

The candidates are advised to check the eligibility criteria for the ESE Exam. Check your ESE Eligibility 2023 here.


. Which is the best online platform for ESE preparation?

Physics Wallah is the best online platform for ESE preparation. We offer live/online classes for ESE, GATE, CSE (IAS), and other competitive exams.

. What is the fee for ESE 2023?

UPSC ESE 2023 fee: ₹200 for general category, fee exemption for female/SC/ST/PwBD candidates.

. Is it possible to crack ESE in 4 months?

Yes, with proper planning, dedication, and effective study strategies, it is possible to crack the ESE in 4 months.

. What are the minimum marks for ESE?

The minimum marks required to pass the ESE (Engineering Services Examination) are subject to scoring a minimum of 20% marks in each paper.

. Is one year preparation enough for ESE?

Yes, one year of dedicated preparation is generally considered sufficient for the ESE. However, having a well-structured plan and avoiding distractions is important to make the most of the preparation time.
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