Physics Wallah PSC - MPSC live, reasonably priced classes offer state-of-the-art education from top instructors who will lead classes using the most recent syllabus and offer solutions and clear doubts using best-in-class teaching methods. The MPSC and exams are among the more than ten new categories that have received funding to support students' lifelong learning.


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MPSC अग्निपंख 2023

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Navnirman ( नवनिर्माण )

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PW, India's largest MPSC platform, provides you with the following benefits: the opportunity to learn with the best faculty and quality content with 360-degree coverage at an affordable cost to help you excel in your PSC - MPSC Exam. Best faculties and content.

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission is in charge of the state-level civil service examination known as MPSC. The main goal of this entrance exam is to recruit qualified applicants for Maharashtra's Group A, Group B, and Group C posts in the state's subordinate services.

MPSC is the abbreviation for The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) has updated its MPSC Time Table and Exam Calendar for competitive examinations on its official website, In 2022, MPSC will hold several recruitment exams, including the Maharashtra Technical Service Joint Exam, the State Services Exam, the Maharashtra Subordinate Services Exam, the MPSC Forest Services Exam, and others.

Syllabus Covered

This course will cover the complete syllabus for PSC - MPSC Exams. Topics that will come under this course, the most recent curriculum and teaching methodology, will be available to teach students all of the MPSC subjects.


A bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification from a recognised university is necessary for students. Candidates in their final year of college may also apply for these exams.

Why Join Physics Wallah To Crack PSC - MPSC Exam?

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  • In order to maintain an 81% satisfaction rating, more than 50 lac students' doubts have been solved.

Most Engaging Batches for PSC - MPSC

Here are all the details you need to know about the various student batches and PSC - MPSC courses.

MPSC 2023

This course will be completed on April 30, 2023. The course's PW App validity date is December 31, 2023. You receive the following perks with PW, India's biggest PSC-MPSC platform: the opportunity to study with the best professors and top-notch, comprehensive course materials at a cost-effective price, helping you to succeed in your PSC-MPSC preparation. Greatest faculty and content.

Course Highlights

The course is for students preparing for the PSC - MPSC Exam 2023. According to their needs, students can enrol in classes or batches for MPSC Courses; Highlights of the following courses and collections for PSC - MPSC Exams are as follows:

  • PSC-MPSC syllabus for session 2023

This batch will cover a detailed Syllabus for MPSC Pre Exam 2023.

  • Live lectures and Notes

The top instructors in Maharashtra and India give live lectures in Marathi.

  • Study Material

Our experts' lecture notes and class PPTs will be available on the PW app. The class will evaluate and discuss all significant current affairs. Daily practice tests (DPPs) will be available along with lectures.

  • Live Doubt Classes

Doubt Engine: With weekly dedicated hours for question resolution, we have a doubt engine facility to resolve all your inquiries immediately.

  • Test Series

The MPSC's modified pattern conducted tests. Every week, tests will take place. An exam with ten multiple-choice questions will be available after each lecture.

Benefits of The Courses

The advantages or benefits of the courses for PSC-MPSC Exam students are as follows:

  • This course is designed explicitly for aspirants for the PSC - MPSC Exam 2023.
  • There will be classes from Monday through Saturday. (two lessons each day)
  • Complete analysis of the test questions from the previous ten years.
  • There will be given along with this CSAT batch.
  • The PW app will include lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations from our specialists. With weekly dedicated hours for question resolution, we have a Doubt Engine tool to resolve all your inquiries immediately.
  • Manthan - Monthly Current Affairs Magazine will be distributed before the 15th of the following month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who should enrol in this batch?

Ans. This batch is for MPSC candidates preparing for the upcoming MPSC Prelims.

Q2. How do I make a payment?

Ans. The batch is entirely accessible on YouTube and the PW MPSC Wallah app.

Q3. Will the class be broadcast live or recorded?

Ans. This is a collection of live classes. Even if a student misses a live class, the course can be recorded on the PW app.

Q4. Is this batch free or for a fee?

Ans. This batch for all students of PSC-MPSC is entirely free.

Q5. Is the price stated as an annual or monthly fee?

Ans. The batch is free.

Q6. Where will the classes be available?

Ans. Students can access these via the MPSC Wala Channel and the PW MPSC Wala App.

Q7. If we have any doubts, how can we ask a question in a lecture?

Ans. Go to batch> After selecting the subject, navigate to the appropriate class and select the "Ask a Doubt" option. After the relevant course, additional doubts classes will be available.

Q8. When will the course end?

Ans. This course will end on April 30, 2023. The PW App validity date for this course is December 31, 2023.

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