CA Foundation Exam Hacks : 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Chartered Accountants, also known as the "King of Careers," are a popular choice for Commerce students. It is the accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial assessment of an individual or an organization. It is also regarded as a prestigious expert in the field of business and finance. Along with its prestigious status, it is well-known for its difficult CA exam syllabus.

It is nearly impossible for anyone to pass this difficult exam in a single attempt. 90% of failures are not due to an incomplete syllabus, but to a variety of other factors that should be considered alongside the syllabus during preparation.

In this blog, we will be discussing ‘10 things I wish I’d known earlier’ which will help you score better marks in your coming attempts if you keep them in mind. So, if you are an CA aspirant, then go through this blog carefully.

CA Foundation Exam Hacks : 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

CA Foundation Exam Syllabus

Particulars Details
No of papers 4 papers
Paper 1 Principles and Practice of Accounting
Paper 2 Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting
  • Section A: Business Laws
  • Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting
Paper 3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics
  • Section A: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
  • Section B: Statistics
Paper 4 Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge
  • Section A: Business Economics
  • Section B: Business and Commercial Knowledge

9 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

  1. Starting early with proper information

Starting to prepare early is one way to improve your chances of acceptance especially in exams like CA. But what is more important is the accurate information about the exam. There are many aspirants who start their preparation without even knowing the exact details about the exam.

You can visit different websites to gather the information about the exam and try to keep it with you throughout your preparation. As it will help you to study in the right manner and also will save your time.

  1. Trust your instinct

In order to avoid making a mistake, humans always try to suppress their instincts. Don't always put yourself under stress; as a CA aspirant, try to stay positive because everyone studies and prepares differently. So there's no need to stress over other people's preparation methods. Keep doing hard work and trusting your instincts.

  1. Planning is very crucial along with consistency

If you want to accomplish something significant, you must first develop a solid plan. It takes a lot to pass this difficult exam, and we all know how boring it can be to stick to a plan for so long. However, there is no shortcut to success. So, try to create a proper plan that you will be able to follow. Don't try to imitate others because everyone has different abilities.

  • Try to divide the topics appropriately, create a schedule, and stick to it as if this is your last attempt.
  • Lastly, no one can succeed in studies, exams, or business unless they are consistent. It is the primary key to success, especially in exams like the CA, where consistency is crucial. You may fail once, twice, or three times, but your perseverance will get you to the top one day. As a result, try to be consistent in your preparation.
  1. Select the right CA coaching

If you feel that self-study is insufficient for you, try enrolling in a good coaching institute that will help you find yourself with the right guidance. Physics Wallah is one such institute that has some highly qualified mentors for CA aspirants.

  • It is well-known for its high-quality study pattern, which they provide at a reasonable price.
  • It has a group called CHANAKYA that is specifically for CA aspirants and covers all of the papers of the CA exam, as well as a YouTube channel called CA Wallah that conducts tests every Sunday morning and a doubt session in the evening for the aspirants.
  • Working on your weakness

A person who is aware of his or her own weaknesses will always outperform their previous attempt. So, rather than sitting and lamenting your previous attempts, identify your weak point and begin working on it again. Our weaknesses are frequently in areas where we are afraid or find it boring. So try to put in more effort.

  1. Self made study material

Numerous materials are available in both online and offline formats. However, going through each of them for a single answer is time consuming and inefficient. So, nothing beats your own organized notes, which will serve as the icing on the cake in your revisions.

  1. Solving mock papers and PYQ

We know that you must have gone through many mock tests and the PYQ, but as mentioned above, there isn’t any shortcut for this exam. Try to solve more papers in order to score more marks.

  1. Health always comes fast

"Health is wealth" isn't just a phrase to say; it's also an important factor that everyone should incorporate into their lives. Try to eat healthily, meditate, and take a long nap every day.

You can only pass this exam if you are mentally alert and calm.

  1. Stay calm in the final hours

Your efforts are noteworthy, but so are the hours you spend writing the final paper. Even the most talented aspirants perform poorly due to stress. So, in the final hours, try to remain calm.

Eat healthy foods and get plenty of rest the day before the exam. As this will aid in the relaxation of your mind.

Also, in the exam hall, rather than rushing after receiving the question paper, for the first few minutes, focus solely on reading the questions carefully and attempting those in which you are completely confident. Because the CA exam includes negative markings, try to avoid those that you are unsure about.

  1. Presentation of answers

These answer sheets will reflect your entire preparation and hard work. It is critical to present the answer in the best possible way in order to stand out from the crowd. So, instead of simply filling out the sheets, try to be creative and arrange your answers properly. At first glance, this will make a favorable impression on the examiner.


Failure is the key to success. If you look at any famous person's life, you can count the number of times they failed during their career. So, it's never too late to fix your mistakes. To get good grades in your next attempt, keep these ten things in mind both during preparation and during the exam.

You must work even harder to pass this difficult exam. You must concentrate not only on the syllabus but also on other aspects.

Finally, as previously stated, try to remain calm in the final hours and write your paper with a clear mind and without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the CA foundation exam hard to clear?

Ans. CA is said to be one of India’s most prestigious exams. So, undoubtedly, it is quite tough to clear, but one can surely clear this exam with hard work and dedication.

Q2. How many papers are there in the CA foundation exam?

Ans. There are 4 papers in CA foundation exam

  • Paper - Principles and Practices of accounting
  • Paper - Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning and Statistics
  • Paper - Business laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
  • Paper - Business Economics and Business Commercial knowledge

Q3. Why do people fail the CA foundation exam?

Ans. There isn’t any particular reason for failing the CA exam. However, one should quickly realize what he lacked in the previous attempt and work to improve that weakness in the next attempt.

Q4. How many attempts allowed for CA foundation?

Ans. There isn’t any limit for the CA foundation exam until your registration is valid. However, you can renew your registration and try your luck again.

Q5. Is there a CA foundation batch at Physics Wallah?

Ans. Physics Wallah is one of India’s most loved ed-tech platforms that has got a batch name CHANAKYA for the CA aspirants at an affordable price. It has some highly qualified mentors who will assist the aspirants to study systematically for CA 2023.

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