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Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Mathematics Syllabus for Year 2020 - 21

KSEEB-Karn​ataka Secondary Education Examination Board

Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Mathematics Syllabus for Year 2020 - 21

Karnataka SSLC Board Maths Syllabus for sophistication 10 may be a very helpful tool for college kids who are appearing for his or her Board examinations. The syllabus provides an overview to be followed, while studying for board examinations. Among all the main subjects, students consider Mathematics to be the toughest one because it is all about equations, logic, and theorems. To be master during this subject, students should keep it up practicing to by heart equations, formulas, theorems, etc. Having a radical knowledge of 10th Maths syllabus, state board Karnataka students can get a thought about the topics included for that respective school term.

Following is that the latest SSLC syllabus for sophistication 10 as per Karnataka board.



Unit I: Number System

Chapter 1-Real Numbers

Unit II: Algebra

Chapter 2- Polynomials

Chapter 3 -. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 4-Quadratic Equations

Chapter 5- Arithmetic Progressions (AP)

Unit III:  Trigonometry

Chapter 6- Introduction to Trigonometry

Chapter 7-Heights and Distances

Unit IV: Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 8-Lines (In two-dimensions)

Unit V: Geometry

Chapter 9-Triangles

Chapter 10- Circles

Chapter 11- Constructions

Unit VI: Mensuration

Chapter 12- Areas Related to Circles

Unit VII: Statistics and Probability

Chapter 13-Statistics

Chapter 13-Statistics

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