Vibratory motion

Motion and Time of Class 7

Vibratory motion is another kind of oscillatory motion in which the body does not move as a whole, i.e., the entire body does not move. The moving object undergoes change in shape or size.

Examples of Vibratory motion

Musical instruments such as guitar, violin, sitar, drums, etc., produce vibratory motion.

Non – periodic motion

A motion which is not repetitive or repeats at irregular intervals of time.

 Examples of Non – periodic motion
  • A football player running in the field up and down is performing non – periodic motion as sometimes he runs fast and sometimes slow.
  • When the brakes are applied to a moving vehicle, the motion described by the wheels is non-periodic.
  • A cricket ball rolling down the ground gradually slows down and finally stops and hence, is performing non – periodic motion.
  • Non –periodic motion is also termed as translatory motion

vibratory motion

Example: a spinning wheel.
Reciprocating motion is back and forth motion. Example: the up and down motion of a yo-yo.

Irregular motion is motion which has no obvious pattern to its movement.

Example: a flying bee.

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