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JEE main is one of the toughest entrance exam of India and it required in depth concepts and its application.While preparing for JEE main students needed lots of academic resourse and help.The preparation of JEE main start with JEE main question papers.It is highly recommended to all aspirants to go through JEE mains question papers and understand the pattern of exam.

JEE main required good planning and complete two year strategies to score good marks while planning for JEE mains JEE mains question papers play very important role of selecting the chapters and its difficulty levels. Solve NCERT Exercise with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 12 Maths.

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How to use Previous year question papers

A. Use of JEE main question papers in the beginning of the preparation

Academic team of PhysicsWallah uploaded more than 30 JEE main question papers. Download the JEE main question papers from PhysicsWallah.

  1. Write down the type of questions asked in each topic whether the question is numerical based,theory based,application based or information based.
  2. Once you compile the entire 90 questions analysis of one paper than start noting down the difficulty level.Difficulty level is based on your preparation.Always remember few questions are easy for some students simultaneously are difficult for other so find out your assessments about the questions.Solve as many as Maths Questions as you can.
  3. After doing analysis of type of question.Start writing difficulty level class wise weightage of questions i.e how many questions are from class 11 and class 12.
  4. JEE paper form 2017 is NCERT based.On the extensive research by academic team of PhysicsWallah we have found that almost 70 percent questions in JEE mains are directly from NCERT text book .Do your own analysis based on JEE main question papers and do it for five to six papers.This way you can find how to do effective preparations of JEE Main and how JEE Main question papers will help you in upcoming exam.

B. Use of JEE main question papers at the end of preparations

Once you have completed your syllabus in all three subjects of physic ,chemistry and maths. It’s time to revises what you have read so far. Always remember in JEE mains if you solve one question correctly you will get 4 marks and for one incorrect options you will get -1 marks.It means one incorrect answer will lose you 5 marks.So errorless habit can help you to score good marks.

After doing revision of the entire three subject (take help of PhysicsWallah revision materials) start solving each JEE mains question papers in 3 hours and try to get score 280 plus.Why 280 plus? because all these question you have already solved in your chapter preparation as it is present in every booklet coaching material and books.All most 70 percent questions are repeated for you.

C. How to do analysis after solving JEE main question papers

Once you have solved JEE mains question papers and checked your answer key and calculated your marks now it’s time for the detail analysis of your answer key and makes .Try to make an excel sheet and write down all error what you have made.Try to find out all type of error you are doing like let’s say you have done 50 questions correct ,20 incorrect and 20 unattempt .It’s time to do minute analysis of your result write down the reason for the incorrect answer whether they are because of one of the following reason or mentioned your own reason.

  1. Calculation mistake in JEE main question papers.
  2. Conceptual mistake.
  3. Misunderstood the question.
  4. Wrong interpretation.
  5. Silly mistake.
  6. Casual attitude in question.

Similarly make a different list form JEE main question papers unattempt questions and try to find out the actual reason why you cant solve.Start making your own feedback from the JEE mains question papers and start preparing with PhysicsWallah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the JEE main exam?

Ans. The JEE (Main) Entrance Exam is a nationwide general entrance exam taken to facilitate student admission to undergraduate courses offered by various government and private technical institutes in India. The exam is usually held in January and April and is administered by NTA, which also takes care of issuing application forms, admission cards, and announcing results. However, candidates should keep one important thing in mind. To avoid the rejection of the JEE Main application form, applicants must follow the criteria for JEE Main and have a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria. Qualified students can be admitted to integrated B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch., MSc courses in leading technical institutes such as NIT, IIIT after successfully passing the JEE Main exam.

Q2. What is the importance of the JEE exam?

Ans. The JEE exam, which consists of JEE Main and JEE Advanced, is one of the leading entrance exams for aspiring technicians. The exam is taken for candidates aspiring to a career in engineering and technical studies. Additionally, the JEE exam is the gateway to some of the various prestigious technical colleges (both government and private) in India. Those who qualify for the JEE Main exam may be admitted to some of the top colleges as these institutions accept exam scores. Those who qualify for JEE Main are also eligible to show up for the second round of the exam, which is JEE Advanced.

Q3. How to practice with JEE main question papers?

Ans. Students appearing for JEE Main should practice using last year's questionnaires and sample papers. The benefits of preparing using JEE Core Question Sheets know the exam pattern, the time it takes to answer each question, and the difficulty levels of the exam. Each candidate should check last year's JEE core questionnaires to understand the nature of the exam. Students who solved the previous year's JEE Main questionnaires will better understand the progress of the questions and topics posed in previous exams. Additionally, last year's JEE Main questionnaires can help students identify important topics by weight and plan their preparation accordingly.

Q4. What are the benefits of solving JEE Main question papers?

Ans. The benefits of solving JEE Main question papers are.

  1. With more practice in using question paper, the JEE main exam template becomes clearer with more clarity on the assessment program.
  2. A better understanding of the types of questions asked during the exam is provided with the regular JEE Key Question Resolution
  3. By making constant and regular use of the JEE Main numbers, you can get a good picture of the JEE Main program. Students can learn which JEE Main syllabus topics are common in the entrance exam and which are rare.
  4. With each major JEE problem solved, candidates can analyze their readiness to improvise with the review.
  5. By regularly practicing solving JEE core papers, students can learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to build on their main JEE preparation.
  6. One factor that plays an important role in successfully passing the exam is time management. By constantly practicing with the main JEE questions, each student can be proficient in time management during the actual exam. The other aspect that is improving is the speed with which questions are answered.

Q5. How to develop better skills for solving JEE Questions?

Ans. Practice makes a man perfect and the same goes for JEE exams. Unlike regular exams, JEE is a competitive exam. It tests more of your conceptual understanding of the program. Test your knowledge, accuracy, and decision-making skills. Hence, the strategy for studying the same will also be different. You should make sure you put as many questionnaires into practice as possible from last year and include as many test reports as possible. The program is already being studied for exam boards, so students need to practice analyzing to arrive at the correct answers in the shortest time possible. This can be done by repeatedly practicing with last year's questionnaires.

Q6. How does PhysicsWallah help students perform better in JEE mains?

Ans. PhysicsWallah is an excellent online tutoring platform that excels at providing all the necessary guidance for a student preparing for JEE Main. PhysicsWallah's main goal is to provide quality education to students and develop a sense of motivation and drive to acquire knowledge in them. Additionally, students can receive last year's questionnaires, mock exams, and mock JEE editorial papers to help students improve their performance.

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