Care of the eyes

Light of Class 8


It is necessary that we should take proper care of our eyes. If there is any problem we should go to an eye specialist. Have a regular checkup :

  • If advised, we must use suitable spectacles.
  • Too little or too much light is bad for eyes. Insufficient light causes eyestrain and headaches. Too much light, like that of the sun, a powerful lamp or a laser torch can injure the retina.
  • We should not look directly at the sun or a powerful light .
  • We should never rub our eyes. If particles of dust go into our eyes, we should wash our eyes with clean water. If there is no improvement, we should go to a doctor at the earliest.
  • We should wash our eyes frequently with clean water.
  • We should always read at the normal distance for vision. We should never read by bringing the book too close to our eyes or keeping it too far.

If food is deficient in some components, eyes may also suffer. Lack of vitamin A in foodstuff is responsible for many eye troubles. Most common amongst them is night blindness.

We should, therefore, include in the diet components which have vitamin A. Raw carrots, broccoli and green vegetables (such as spinach) and cod liver oil are rich in vitamin A. Eggs, milk, curd, cheese, butter,and fruits such as papaya and mango are also rich in vitamin A.

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Care of the eyes

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