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Heat and Temperature of Class 7

Heat and Temperature Introduction

Every human being have different sensibility for heat and cold. We are effective and able to live in required temperature. We can’t live if the temperature is very high or it is very low. In day-to-day work we can see the examples of temperature. If we start a engine of a car in right temperature it gives the power ,if temperature is not right either it will not start or catch fire.

In modern life we required heat and energy in different form , if we want to warm then we have to add energy into it. We can add energy from different source as light, electricity, friction, a chemical reaction, nuclear reaction, or any other kind of energy.

When we add energy in any form to a substance then energy concentrated in each and every  atom bump into others and spread the energy in the substance. After getting energy every atom or molecule in the substance move faster . When the energy In the form of atom ,is spread throughout the substance, then it is known as heat energy or heat. In the given example we know that heat is a form of energy, so the units of heat is same as energy.

In the SI system unit of heat is Joules.



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