What are Resources

Resources, Types and Development of Class 8

  1. Any thing that can be used to satisfy human need is a resource.
  2. Utility or usability is what makes an object or substance a resource.
  3. Any physical material becomes a resource when humans find them useful and attach some value to it, such as rocks, minerals, soils, rivers, plants and animals.
  4. By developing human skills only, other resources can be developed.
  5. The things become resources only when they have a value.
  6. Time and technology are two important factors that can change substances into resources. For example discovery of fire led to the practice of cooking.

Worth of Resoueces

Human needs and desires grow and become complex with the progress of a society. Gift of nature acquire value with reference to the needs of people living in a region and the technology. Natural endowments were already present on earth when humans appeared on the scene. But, these were not of much value till humans discovered their use and found appropriate technology to make them usable.

Value can be -

  • Economic -When resources are used for production.
  • Legal -When clean Air Act is attached to the quality of air.
  • Aesthetic -When we think of natural beauty of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers.
  • Ethical -When we preserve our National Parks for future generations.
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