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About Important questions for class 12 chemistry

Chemistry of class 12th in an inevitable subject. Whether students have chosen PCM (Group A) OR PCB (Group B), chemistry is always apart. Student’s often faced difficulty in comprehending with chemical equations and elements. To resolve this issue, the team at Physics Wallah have come forward with Important questions for class 12 chemistry for students. These questions can be considered as the crux of the chemistry. To various students, chemistry can be greatly overwhelming whereas for many it could be a tough path.

Chapter wise Important questions for class 12 chemistry


Important questions for class 12 chemistry could be your perfect guide in the success of class 12th board exams. The complete set of important question has been carefully crafted by subject experts. The team at Physics Wallah comprises of experts with years of experience in delivering qualitative study material.

Why class 12th chemistry is important?

The complete set of important questions has been prepared by adhering to the latest syllabus. All that students need to do is to thoroughly follow these questions in order to score topmost marks. The complete faculties involved in drafting these questions have already aced various national level examinations.

The complete Important questions for class 12 chemistry has been bifurcated into various segments based on chapters. The students looking forward to strengthening their core concepts can definetly follow these questions.

The complete line up of these Important questions for class 12 chemistry has been kept so concise a systematic. We ensure that students who study these questions thoroughly could score topmost marks in their examination. Since the syllabus of class 12th chemistry is very wide, which makes difficult for students to complete effectively. Through these important questions, students can easily rise complete syllabus. Students can also access the class 12 Chemistry Notes from here. 

How to Study for class 12th chemistry effectively?

The team at Physics Wallah has dedicatedly chalked out various positive strategies to target your success in the examination. The team has gone through extensive efforts to segregate out all the important questions. These Important questions for class 12 chemistry not only help students in securing top marks in 12th boards but also other competitive exams as well.

We have made all the efforts to provide students with the most authentic and useful study material. Students can access the guidance of best chemistry faculty of India right at the comfort zone of their home. The sheer dedication in offering students with the most versatile questions has been the dream of faculties at Physics Wallah. 

Why Physics Wallah is best for class 12th Preparation?

These Important questions for class 12 chemistry have been prepared with a holistic approach with respect to all the competitive exams. These questions have always been the topmost preference of toppers over the years. We regularly update our questions with respect to new exams appearing. The complete line-up of questions has been prepared in Pdf format.

The links and files could be easily shared among the students. All the questions set have been made available for free by the team. Students can download, with just a single click. The only thing students are expected to do is sign up with us. Give your preparation an extensive boost with right Important questions for class 12 chemistry provided by Physics Wallah.

To Score good marks in class 12 Chemistry important questions for class 12 chemistry can help you a lot. Apart from this you must have very clear and effective  strategies and it must be different for physical ,organic and inorganic chemistry with right choice of  good quality notes. To get good quality of notes in all parts of chemistry like physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry you can trust Physics Wallah resources which are well equipped with all theory and questions of class 12 chemistry. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Online Test for Chemistry class 12.

Find below Chapter wise pdf of Important questions of class 12 Chemistry CBSE board

Academic team of entraPhysics Wallah Eprepared selected questions from all chapters of class 12 and added important questions for class 12 chemistry chapter wise to score better. Download these questions chapter wise and prepare for the final board exam.You will get resources for your class 12 board to score good marks in class 12th board final exam.

How to approach important questions for class 12 chemistry

Always start with NCERT text book of chemistry it consists of very short theory with enough example make the topic easier to understand reading NCERT textbook will help you in CBSE class 12th board as well as entrance exam like JEE & NEET entrance exam.Solve all questions of NCERT text book and take reference of Physics Wallah NCERT class 12 Chemistry solutions. Once you have done  all questions given in NCERT text book  start practicing it from the Physics Wallah recourse of class 12 chemistry. Start solving the chapter wise  Important questions for class 12 Chemistry CBSE board prepared as per the latest pattern of CBSE with added additional short and objective questions in chapter.

Understand CBSE Class 12th Board Pattern

In class 12th chemistry paper of CBSE board you will be  allocated total 3 hour to solve the entire paper of class 12 Chemistry and having full marks 70 and rest 30 marks will be allocated for chemistry practice which is  conducted by school and having predefined syllabus of practice. Now before discussing further let’s understand the new pattern which is released by CBSE for class 12th chemistry there is major change of pattern of class 12th board exam as compared to year 2019 . Now from 2020 class 12 Chemistry paper consist of different types of questions having marks range 1 to 5.25% weightage is given to objective type questions and these are not only MCQ based but also consist of  fill in the blanks , true and false, single sentence answers or short one liner answer type. Start your preparation accordingly . You must focus on this new pattern try to solve objective questions of chemistry use proper notes and mentioned all bullet points in your notes write all small thinks in notes from which objective question can be framed. 

How Important questions for class 12 Chemistry for CBSE board can help you

Class12th chemistry is broadly divided into three parts physical chemistry,organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry and the questions are somehow fixed you have well defined syllabus and chapter by which questions are asked in exam.For example chapter vs marks of class 12th chemistry are as follows.

Solid State (4), Solutions (5) ,Electrochemistry (5),Chemical Kinetics (5), Surface Chemistry(4), General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements (3), p-Block Elements.(80, d & f-Block Elements (50, Co-ordination Compounds(3), Haloalkanes & Haloarenes(4), Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers(4),Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids(6), Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen(4), Biomolecules(4), Polymers(3),Chemistry in Everyday Life(3).

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