Current Electricity Questions

Jul 20, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Current Electricity Questions

In this chapter you will discussion of electrical phenomena has focused on charges at rest, or the study of electrostatics. In this chapter we shall now consider situations involving electrical charges in motion. The term electric current , or simply current , is used to describe the flow of charge through some region of space. Most practical applications of electricity involve electric currents. For example , in a flashlight, charges flow through the filament of the light bulb after the switch is turned on. In most common situations, the flow of charge takes place in a conductor , such as a copper wire. It is also possible, however, for currents to exist outside a conductor. For instance , a beam of electrons in a TV picture tube constitutes a current in which charge flows through a vacuum. Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared by Physics wallah.

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