How many types of ovules are there?

Aug 09, 2022, 16:45 IST

Types of ovules

i) Orthotropous

Here micropyle, chalaza and funicle lie in one straight line. This is primitive and simplest. Polygoniaceae family. e.g. Polygonum.For More Biology Doubts check out Physics Wallah BiologyDoubts sections.

ii) Anatropous

Here body of the ovule is completely inverted so that micropyle and hilum come to lie very close to each other. Degree of curvature is 1800. Found in Asteraceae family and usually in Gamopetale members e.g. castor.

How many types of ovules are there?

Different types of ovules A) Orthotropous; B) Anatropous; C) Hemitropous;

D)Campylotro​pous; E) Amphitropous; F) Circinotropous

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