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Syllabus For Class 12 Uttar Pradesh Board

About Syllabus Class 12 Uttar Pradesh Board

Uttar Pradesh class 12 syllabus plays a vital role in student life. students should refer to the syllabus before the preparation for the exam so that they can create a timetable according to it. Teachers also require a class 12 syllabus to plan their classes respectively. Students should have a copy of the syllabus so that they can dedicate their time as per the subjects of class 12. we have mention below, syllabus of class 12 Uttar Pradesh board i.e. Physics, Chemistry. Students should go through the syllabus mention below before preparing for the exams so that they will know the topics included in it.

Find below subject wise detail syllabus of UP Board for Class 12

UP Board class 12 syllabus subject wise

 Syllabus of Physics Part-1

1.         Electric Charges and Fields

2.         Electrostatics

3.         Current Electricity

4.         Moving Charges and Magnetism

5.         Magnetism and Matter

6.         Electromagnetic Induction

7.         Alternating Current

8.         Electromagnetic Waves

Physics Parts-2

   9.Rays Optics and Optical Instruments

   10 . Wave Optics

   11 . Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

   12. Atoms

   13. Nuclei

   14. Semiconductor, Electronics, Materials, Devices, and Simple Circuits

  15. Communication Systems

Chemistry Part-1

1.         The Solid State

2.         Solutions

3.         Electroconductivity

4.         Chemical Kinetics

5.         Surface Chemistry

6.         General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

7.         The p-Block Elements

8.         The d and f- block Elements

9.         Coordination Compounds

Chemistry Part-2

1.         Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

2.         Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

3.         Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids

4.         Amines

5.         Biomolecules

6.         Polymers

7.         Chemistry in Everyday Life

Why syllabus is Important before you start your preparation of class 12 Uttar Pradesh board

Syllabus checkout your confidence for the quality of work you expect from your students. It helps students to show how they should be prepared for the course. It is a kind of covering course tool which helps the mentors to prepare and arrange the course. All the students must know about their syllabus so that they can prepare according to it and can finish their course in time respectively.

Subject covered in Physics Wallah for up board syllabus of class 12

In Physics Wallah class 12 Uttar Pradesh board we have covered all the topics related to their subjects. Students don’t have to worry about the problems we have mentioned every topic step to step clearly and it is written in simple language so that students can relate to it and can understand the topics easily. They do not have to refer to any pdf or reference book they just have to look through this and can find the topics that they have been searching for.

A recommended textbook which covers class 12 Syllabus of Uttar Pradesh board

Students for the Uttar Pradesh board get all the subjects in b English, Hindi Medium language free of cost from government schools, and in private school students have to pay for it. The topics content is easy to understand and interesting in these Uttar Pradesh books. Students will gain their concept by practicing the exercise questions after they finish their chapters. To score good marks in the Uttar Pradesh SSLC exam, a student should have deep knowledge of the Uttar Pradesh SSLC textbooks. Crucial questions for class 12 for all the subjects are prepared by the SCERT Uttar Pradesh.

 FAQ about class 12 Uttar Pradesh board syllabus

Q-1. When will the Uttar Pradesh SSLC exam be to be held?

ANS: Uttar Pradesh SSLC exam will be held in March 2021. Students should check the latest update so that they will be aware of the date of the exam.

Q-2. How many percent did the student need to clear the exams?

ANS: Students should get 35 % above to clear the Uttar Pradesh SSLC exams.

Q-3. What is the pattern of Uttar Pradesh SSLC exams?

ANS: Students should go through the previous year's paper to know the pattern. If there will a change in the pattern it will be an update on the official website students should check updates regularly


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