Important Terms

Forest And Wildlife Resources of Class 10

Biodiversity: Rich and varied plant and animal species that exist in a particular area.

Ecosystem: Interrelationship between all the plants and animals in a given area.

Vulnerable Species: Species which are rapidly declining and are likely to become endangered in the near future. e.g., Blue sheep, Asiatic elephant.

Endemic Species: Species which are confined to certain areas, isolated by natural or geographical barriers.

Extinct Species: Species which are not found on the earth. e.g., Asiatic cheetah, Pink head duck.

Flora: Natural vegetation cover consisting of forests, grasslands and shrubs.

Fauna: Animals found on the earth in natural environment.

Reserved Forests: Forests meant for conservation of timber and other forest products.

Protected Forests: Forest area which is protected from depletion.

Unclassed Forests: Forests and wastelands that is common to government, private individuals and communities.

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