How Do Organism Reproduce of Class 10

“Reproduction is the ability of living organisms to produce new living organisms similar to them. It is one of the important characteristic of life”.

All organisms produce offspring and thereby maintain their kind. The means by which organisms reproduce vary remarkably between species. Reproduction is an orchestrated process. It needs the coordinated preparation of many tissues in female starting from maturation of ovum, its release its transportation, fertilization and also the preparation of uterine wall to receive developing egg and its implantation. The preparation for reproduction are cyclic in mammals. The change in structural and functional characteristics of both male and female reproductive tissue occur as a prelude to reproduce. These are mediated by hormones. It is also concerned with the asexual development of the embryo from structures other than egg and also with the regeneration of lost or damaged parts and repair of defects.

Purpose of Reproduction: Reproduction is aimed at multiplication and perpetuation (stability) of the species. In other words it provides group immortality by replacing the dead individuals with new ones.

Basic Features of Reproduction: The modes of reproduction vary in different organisms. However all of these have certain common basic features. These are –

  • replication of DNA
  • cell division
  • formation of reproductive bodies or units
  • development of reproductive bodies into offsprings


There are two main types of Reproduction in living organisms :

  • Asexual Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction

How do organism reproduce Introduction

Differences between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

S.No. Asexual Sexual

1. It is uniparental uni / biparental

2. Gametes are not formed formed

3. Reproductive organs are not needed needed.

4. No fertilisation fertilisation occur

5. Offsprings are similar to parent different

6. New characters do not appear appear

7. No variation variation present

8. No evolution evolution takes place

9. Definite process Indefinite process

10. Generation leads to extinction Not so

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