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Manufacturing Industries of Class 10

  • Argo based industries: Industries that process agricultural raw material, e.g. Cotton textile.
  • Basic industry: Industry on which several large-scale and small-scale industries depend, e.g., Iron and steel, chemical.
  • Consumer industries: Industries which produce goods like plastics, utensils for the consumption of people.
  • Cooperative industries: Industries owned and organized by members form a cooperative society and pool their resources for profits and losses.
  • Heavy industry: These industries use heavy raw materials to produce heavy goods like heavy engineering.
  • Joint sector industries: Industries which are jointly owned by both the state and some private industrialists or firms.
  • Large scale industries:  Industries using extensive raw materials, capital, labour and power to produce goods on large scale.
  • Light industry: Industries using light raw materials to produce light goods like paper, cotton textiles.
  • Manufacturing: An economic activity where raw materials are converted into finished goods with the help of machines.
  • Public sector industries: An industry in which a state government or its agencies undertakes economic activities and controls means of production and distribution.
  • Private sector industries: Industries owned and run by private individuals like Tata Iron & Steel Company, Reliance Industries.
  • Small scale industries: The industries employing small number of employees and a capital investment of less than rupees one crore, e.g., readymade garments.
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