Motion of Class 9

We may have noticed that different objects move differently. Some objects move in a curved path, some in a straight path, and a few others in a different way. According to the nature of the movement, the movement is divided into three types as follows:

  • Linear Motion
  • Rotary Motion
  • Oscillatory Motion

Linear motion (or translatory motion)

The motion of a moving car, a person running, a stone being dropped. The motion is further is divided into

  1. Rectilinear Motion – In rectilinear motion, the path of the motion is a straight line.
  2. Curvilinear Motion – In curvilinear motion, the path of the motion is curved.

Rotational motion

The motion of an electric fan, motion of earth about its own axis.


  1. The motion of the Earth on its axis around the Sun is an example of rotational motion.
  2. An example of rotational motion when driving a car is the movement of the wheels and the steering wheel around its axis.

Oscillatory motion

The motion of a simple pendulum, a body suspended from a spring (also called to and fro motion).


  1. When a child is pushed on the swing, the swing moves back and forth around its center position.
  2. A clock pendulum oscillates as it moves back and forth around its middle position.
  3. The guitar string moves back and forth about the middle position when strummed, resulting in an oscillating motion.
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