Chemistry MCQ's

Chemistry is the subject of concepts and its applications in Questions. To become an expert in the concepts of chemistry, questions can help you a lot. This page is developed by the academic team of Physics Wallah and team uploaded chapter-wise chemistry questions with the answer keys.

Chemistry MCQ

We have covered all chapters of classes 11 and 12 mentioned in the NCERT textbook. These MCQ-based chemistry questions are helpful for board as well as entrance exam like JEE & NEET. Each chapter consists of 50 to 80 questions depending on the difficulty level of the chapter. To solve questions from NCERT text with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 chemistry prepared by Physics Wallah.

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Type of chemistry questions

On this page, we have covered all parts of chemistry such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry. To solve questions based on organic, physical and inorganic chemistry one must require a different approach and process. To solve questions based on physical chemistry one must revise all required Chemistry formulas concepts give focus on concepts of chemical kinetics , mole. There are few topics which are interrelated like kinetics concepts are used in chemical equilibrium and chemical equilibrium used in ionic. To solve questions of electrochemistry you required concept clarity in Ionic equilibrium.

While solving questions of organic chemistry students must have a clear concept of General organic chemistry and isomerism. Hydrocarbon is most important chapter for organic. So do it very carefully and understand all reaction mechanisms and stereochemistry used in reactions. Make sure you have prepared notes for all reactions before solving questions of chemistry . Our academic team uploaded one sheet for entire organic chemistry questions with answer key.

Inorganic chemistry questions required adequate information and understanding of the chapter. The best book for inorganic chemistry is NCERT read the theory given in NCERT and do add bullet points in your notes, to add few information which is not included in NCERT refer Physics Wallah Inorganic section. Solving questions always increases the subject knowledge of inorganic chemistry. The academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded almost 700 inorganic question in this page.

How to solve chemistry Questions

One must follow certain rules before attempting questions of chemistry such as.

  1. Read the theory of the chapter make sure you have understood the theory and prepare complete notes.
  2. While preparing notes to write down all important formulas and bullet points of which MCQ-based questions are framed.
  3. Do not use calculator while solving chemistry questions.
  4. Do not check the notes while solving questions. Make sure you know all important points related to the chapter.
  5. While solving question from Physics Wallah chemistry question sheet make sure you know the error and work on your error to get more accuracy

About Physics Wallah chemistry questions

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapter-wise chemistry questions for physical chemistry with answer key and for organic chemistry we have uploaded one sheet having questions based on entire chapters. Team who prepared the questions are senior faculty from different parts of country having years of experience teaching students for JEE & NEET. The chemistry questions are well created such that the difficulty level increase as you move forward. There is mix type of question in each chapter from easy to difficulty level.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How do you solve chemistry numerical easily?

Ans. Remember the constants.

  • Keep practicing.
  • Give importance to theoretical understanding.
  • Be thorough with Balance Concepts.
  • Don't ignore chapters like surface chemistry and solid chemistry.
  • Keep checking.
  • Resolve past documents.

Q2. Is chemistry a hard class?

Ans. Chemistry is a huge field. Not only do you learn the basics and develop them, but you often shift gears to a new area. It is difficult you have been told it is difficult If you think something is difficult, prepare to meet that expectation. Do this by dividing study time into manageable sessions, without falling behind and taking notes during lectures, the lab, and while reading. Don't worry and don't give up when things get tough.

Q3. How to pass a chemistry class and chemistry MCQ can help us?

Ans. You should attend the chemistry class and arrive on time in class.

  1. Sitting in the front will involve you in the conference, which can enhance your learning.
  2. Make chemistry notes.
  3. Do not copy someone else's work. Do the problems yourself and if you have the opportunity, help someone with work problems. If you can explain the problem to someone else, you probably really understand it.
  4. Read the test before answering questions. This way, you will know what to expect and identify the questions that are worth the most points.

Q4. How NCERT chemistry question answers can help you in a competitive exam?

Ans. The correct approach to preparing for a competition is to start with the answers to the NCERT questions; try to read all the important concepts, formulas, equations and all the important points mentioned in the NCERT textbook, try to take useful notes of all those concepts and points. The most important factor for any competitive exam is time management, so start by understanding the correct syllabus. NCERT textbook questions are suggested for almost all competitive exams. NCERT, therefore, plays a very important role in learning all competitive exams.

Q5. What types of topics are related to chemistry and which chapters Chemistry MCQ are must to be solved ?

Ans. Here are mentioned some topics which are related to chemistry-

  1. Acid and Base
  2. Atoms and Molecules
  3. Chemical Equations
  4. Matter
  5. Organic Chemistry etc.

Q6. How Physics Wallah is helpful in chemistry question answers?

Ans. Physics Wallah is one of the few reputable online educational platforms that offer you a quality education. Physics Wallah study material has been well researched and updated according to the latest study program. We are looking for innovation to make learning creative and interactive.

We provide important questions, sample questions, and MCQs in PDF format that you can easily download from our website. Students who use this study material have good grades during the exam. However, they must practice NCERT practice questions and prepare sample papers by expert teachers who are good at the test pattern.

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