NEET Notification 2023

Jul 18, 2023, 16:45 IST

In recent NEET latest news, the National Testing Agency (NTA) made an important announcement regarding NEET UG 2023. Aspiring medical students eagerly awaited the NEET Notification 2023, which was officially released on March 6th. The notification can be accessed on the NTA's official website at It provides comprehensive information about the upcoming NEET exam and serves as a vital resource for candidates preparing for the test.

To register for NEET 2023, candidates can visit the NTA website and follow the registration process. The registration window for NEET UG 2023 has already commenced, and interested candidates are advised to complete the process within the specified time frame. The NEET Notification 2023 PDF includes crucial details such as the registration procedure, important dates, changes in syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility criteria, and registration fees. Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review this document to ensure they are well-informed and prepared for the examination.

As per the NEET UG latest news, the NEET UG 2023 examination is scheduled to be held offline on May 7th, 2023. To maintain fairness and transparency, the exam will be conducted at designated NEET exam centers across the country. It is essential for aspiring medical students to stay updated with the latest news and announcements regarding NEET UG 2023 to avoid missing any crucial information and to plan their preparation effectively.

NEET Notification 2023 Date & Schedule

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a highly anticipated examination for aspiring medical students in India. The NEET UG latest news regarding NEET UG 2023 reveals the exam schedule, which is an essential piece of information for all the candidates. The table below outlines the NEET 2023 exam schedule:

Dates Exam Dates
7 May '23 NEET 2023 Exam
4 May '23 - 7 May '23 NEET Admit Card 2023
30 Apr '23 - 7 May '23 NEET 2023 Advance Intimation of Exam City Slip
12 Apr '23 - 15 Apr '23 NEET 2023 Application Process Reopening
8 Apr '23 - 10 Apr '23 NEET 2023 Application Correction Process
6 Mar '23 - 6 Apr '23 NEET 2023 Application Process
7 May '23 NEET 2023 Exam
Jun '23 NEET 2023 Provisional Answer Key Release TENTATIVE
Jun '23 NEET 2023 Result TENTATIVE
Jul '23 NEET 2023 Final Answer Key TENTATIVE
To Be Notified NEET 2023 Counselling TENTATIVE

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NEET Notification 2023: Dates

The NTA has announced that the NEET Notification 2023 will be released on March 6th. Along with the NEET notification 2023 release, the application forms for NEET 2023 will also be made available.

Dates of NEET notifications
NTA NEET Notification Date of Release
NEET notification 2023 March 6, 2023
NEET notification 2022 April 6, 2022
NEET notification 2021 March 11, 2022
NEET notification 2020 December 2, 2019
NEET notification 2019 November 1, 2018
NEET notification 2018 February 8, 2018

NEET Notification 2023 PDF Download

The NEET Notification 2023 was released on March 6, 2023. NEET Notification 2023 contains important information for all aspiring candidates wishing to appear for the NEET Exam 2023.

Candidates can download the NEET Notification 2023 in PDF format from the National Testing Agency (NTA) official website or other authorized platforms. NEET Notification 2023 provides details regarding the application process, eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, important dates, and other essential information related to the NEET Exam 2023.

It is crucial for candidates to go through the NEET Notification 2023 thoroughly to understand the requirements and guidelines set by the NTA. By downloading the NEET Notification 2023 PDF, candidates can have a comprehensive document they can refer to throughout their NEET Preparation 2023 and NEET Application Process 2023. Candidates can directly have access to the NEET Notification 2023 PDF from below:

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NEET 2023: Introduction to Official Website

The NEET 2023 official website ( is a one-stop platform for candidates, offering many valuable resources and features. From important dates and registration guidelines to exam patterns, syllabi, and eligibility criteria, the official website provides comprehensive information to help candidates navigate the examination process smoothly.

The other website ( provides a platform for candidates to download their admit cards, check their examination centers, and access other relevant updates related to the NEET exam.

It is advised to regularly check the official website or other reliable sources for any updates regarding NEET UG latest news or changes related to the NEET exam 2023.

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NEET Notification 2023: Details Mentioned

The (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) NEET Notification 2023 had been released by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This notification contains essential details that aspiring medical and dental candidates must know.

The NEET latest news has brought significant updates for aspiring medical and dental candidates. The NEET Notification 2023, released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), contains crucial information that can shape their preparation strategies.

Among the key details mentioned in the NEET Notification 2023 is the inclusion of a new eligibility criterion for NEET UG 2023. As per the latest news, candidates applying for NEET UG 2023 must have completed 17 years of age as of December 31, 2023.

Staying updated with the NEET latest news, specifically the NEET Notification 2023, is of utmost importance for aspiring medical and dental candidates. It provides them with essential details, eligibility criteria, and exam pattern changes that will guide their preparation and help them achieve success in this highly competitive examination.

Here are the key details mentioned in the NEET Notification 2023:

  1. NEET Exam Date and Time: The NEET notification 2023 specifies the date and time of the NEET 2023 examination. Candidates must mark this date on their calendars and prepare accordingly.
  2. NEET Eligibility Criteria: The NEET UG latest news brings forth the keychanges in the NEET Notification 2023 outlines the NEET eligibility criteria 2023 that candidates must fulfill to appear for the exam. This includes age, nationality, educational qualifications, and more requirements.
  3. NEET Application Process: The NEET notification 2023 provides detailed information about the NEET application process 2023. It includes guidelines on how to fill out the application form, upload necessary documents, and pay the application fees.
  4. NEET Exam Pattern: The NEET Notification 2023 describes the NEET exam pattern 2023, including the number of questions, subjects covered, marking scheme, and duration of the examination. Understanding the exam pattern helps candidates in their preparation strategies.
  5. NEET Syllabus: The NEET notification 2023 includes the NEET syllabus 2023, specifying the topics and subjects candidates must study for the exam. Candidates must be familiar with the prescribed NEET syllabus to focus their preparation effectively.
  6. NEET Admit Card: Information regarding the release of the NEET admit card 2023 is mentioned in the notification. Candidates are instructed to download their admit cards within the specified time frame.
  7. NEET Result Declaration: NEET notification 2023 mentions the expected date of result declaration for NEET 2023. Candidates can find out when they can expect their results to be announced.
  8. NEET Counseling Process: The NEET Notification 2023 may also provide information about the counseling process for successful candidates. It may outline the counseling schedule, registration procedures, and other relevant details.
  9. NEET Qualifying Criteria: The NEET Notification 2023 outlines the qualifying criteria, also known as the NEET Cut off, that determine eligibility for participation in the admission process. The Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) handles the admission process for 15% of All India Quota (AIQ) seats. In comparison, the respective state authorities oversee the admission process for the remaining 85% of quota seats.
  10. NEET 2023 Exam Centers: The NEET Notification 2023 outlines the exam centers assigned. The National Testing Agency (NTA) assigns the exam center based on the candidates' preferences filled in the application form and the availability of seats at the respective exam center.
  11. Contact Information: The notification includes contact details of the NTA or relevant authorities in case candidates have any queries or require assistance during the application or examination process.
  12. Exam Day Guidelines: The NEET notification 2023 includes essential information about the NEET admit card, dress code, guidelines for parents, instructions for PwD candidates, and exam day instructions.
  13. NEET Post-Exam Events: The NTA also shares information regarding the post-exam procedures and qualifying cutoff. The NEET notification 2023 also provides essential details about creating the merit list and seat allocation process.
  14. NEET Reservation Criteria: Candidates must refer to the reservation criteria and carefully fill out the category details on the NEET application form to claim the reservation benefits.

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Category Reservation Percentage
EWS 10%
Scheduled Caste (SC) 15%
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 7.5%
Persons with Disabilities (PwD) 5%

NEET Notification 2023: FAQs

Q1. When was the NEET Notification 2023 released?

Ans. The NEET Notification 2023 was released on March 6, 2023.

Q2. Where can I find the NEET 2023 Notification?

Ans. The NEET Notification 2023 is available both offline and online on the official website of the exam,

Q3. How many candidates have applied for NEET 2023 so far?

Ans. In the first phase of the application, over 21 lakh candidates have reportedly applied for NEET 2023.

Q4. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the NEET exam schedule?

Ans. Since 2020, the NEET 2024 exam date has been postponed to September due to the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting the overall admission schedule.

Q5. Who is responsible for releasing the NEET notification 2023?

Ans. The responsibility for releasing the NEET notification 2023 lies with the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Q6. When was the NEET 2023 exam conducted?

Ans. The NEET 2023 exam took place on May 7.

Q7. When is the application period for NEET 2023?

Ans. The NEET 2023 application process commenced on March 6 and remained open for a month until April 6. However, in response to numerous student requests, the NTA reopened the NEET 2023 application window from April 13 to April 15, 11.59 PM.

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