What Are Living Organisms Made Up Of?

Cell structure and function of Class 8

What Are Living Organisms Made Up Of?

Every living being is formed by small units which are called cells. Each cell is complete in itself. In unicellular organisms, they function freely the different and various activities but in multicellular organisms, they control the activities combined. Each cell has a cell membrane that covers its protoplasm. However, in plant cells, fungi, and bacteria, the cell is also surrounded by a cell wall. Protoplasm is the site of living activities of every cell.

The cell is the basic unit of life & a structural unit of an organism.

Study of the structure of cell = Cytology.

Study of structure and functions of cell = cell biology / cellulogy.

A unit of biological activity, delimited by a differentially permeable membrane and capable of self-reproduction in a medium free of another living system. (Loewy - Seikvitz, 1963).

Gr., Kytos, Latin, Cella = hollow system ; logos = discourse

All the cells interact and co-operate with each other and remain partially dependent on each other.

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