Plane Mirror

Light of Class 10


Following are the important characteristics of image formed by plane mirrors.

plane mirror

Image formation by a plane mirror

  1. The image formed in a plane mirror is always virtual. Such an image cannot be taken on a screen.
  2. The image formed in a plane mirror is always erect. It is the same side up as the object.
  3. The image in a plane mirror is of the same size as the object.
  4. The image formed by a plane mirror is at the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror i.e. Image distance is always equal to the object distance in a plane mirror.
  5. The image formed in a plane mirror is laterally inverted i.e. the left side of the object becomes the right side of the image and vice-versa.

plane mirror

Diagram to show lateral inversion


A mirror whose reflecting surface is a part of a hollow sphere is known as spherical mirror. For example, a dentist uses a curved mirror to examine the teeth closely, large curved mirrors are used in telescope at observatories.

These are of the type convex and concave.

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