Force and Pressure

Force and pressure of Class 8

Let us recall some of our everyday experiences. What do we do to open or close the door of our home, to make a football move, to make a moving ball move faster? How does a goalkeeper stop a ball?

Why school bags have wide straps? Why a sharp knife cuts better than a blunt knife? Why a nail has a pointed tip? Why buildings have wide foundations? Why the rear wheels of tractors are made very wide?

In day to day life, we observe that some effort is required to put a stationary object into motion or to stop it. So, to produce motion, the effort which is required is called as “Force”

In this chapter, we will study about different concepts that revolve around “Force and pressure”. NCERT solutions for class 8 Science prepared by Physics Wallah will help you to solve your NCERT text book exercise. 

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