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Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- P-Block Elements

Chemistry Formulas

Class 11 chapter- P-Block Elements

  • Boron, Aluminium, Gallium, Indium and Thalium belong to IIIA group of the periodic table.
  • B and Al show similar properties due to similar outer E.C.
  • Atomic radius increases suddenly from B to Al. This is due to the greater screening effect of electron present in the (n – 1) shell.
  • The atomic radii of Al is greater than Ga. This is because of the poor shielding effect of d-electron of Gallium.
  • Gallium exists as liquid between 29.8°C and 2000°C.
  • The low melting point of Ga is due to its simple molecular structure. It consists of Ga2 molecules.
  • The most electro positive element in IIIA group is Al.
  • Boron exhibits –3 and +3 oxidation states.
  • Due to inert pair effect +1 oxidation state of Thalium is more stable.
  • The Trihalides of B and Al are covalent, electron deficient and can act as Lewis acids.
  • 95 – 98% pure Boron is obtained on reducing B2O3 with Mg or Na metal at high temp. It is known as Moissan Boron.
  • Boron is non-conductor of electricity.
  • Boron in non-conductor of electricity.
  • Boron carbide is the hardest compound of Boron. Its formula is B4C3.
  • Borax is Na2B4O7.10H2O (Tincal).
  • Borax is available in nature as Kernite (Na2B4O7.4H2O) (Rasorite)
  • Borax bead test : On heating borax it swells into a white, opaque mass of anhydrous sodium tetra borate. When it is fused, borax glass (NaBO2 + B2O3) is obtained.
  • The hydrides of Boron are called boranes.
  • These are electron deficient molecules.
  • The general formula of boranes
  1. BnHn+4
  2. BnHn+6
  • Diborane (B2H6) is an electron deficient molecule
  • Preparation of diborane :

preparation of dibrone

  • Properties of diborance :

preparation of dibroce

  • The hybridization of Boron in diborane is Sp3.
  • In B2H6, the four hydrogen atoms lie in one plane are called terminal hydrogen atoms and the remaining two hydrogen atoms are called bridge hydrogen atoms.
  • The bridge hydrogen atoms are involved in three centered two electron bond called banana bond (or) Tau bond.

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Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- P-Block Elements

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- P-Block Elements

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- P-Block Elements

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