Formula For Vant Hoff Factor

Sep 06, 2022, 16:45 IST

Van’t Hoff Factor:

vant hoff factor

Degree of Association :

It is the fraction of total number of molecules of solute which combines to form bigger molecules. Let n moles of solute (X) associate from one mole of it.

degree of association

Degree of Dissociation :

It is defined as the fraction of total number of molecules which dissociates into free ions.

Let us take 1 mole of KCl and x be its degree of dissociation, then we have

Example For Van't Hoff Factor

Q1. Value of van’t Hoff factor for K2SO4 solution with 50% dissociation?


vant hoff factor

Q2. Assuming complete dissociation, which one of the following will have a van't Hoff factor of 2?

A. MgSO4

B. Sucrose

C. H2SO4

D. Lead nitrate

Ans. Correct option is A

Q3. From a measurement of the freezing-point depression of benzene, the molecular weight of acetic acid in a benzene solution was determined to be 100. The percentage association of acetic acid is

A. 79%

B. 93%

C. 80%

D. 100%

Ans. Correct option is C

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