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ICSE class 10 physics solutions

Physics Wallah provides you free Selina Solutions Concise Physics Class 10. These solutions are prepared by the expert faculty of Physics Wallah for students who encounter obstacles in solving textbook questions. These solutions are framed based on students' comprehension, to help them achieve high marks on the exam. For reference, you can use ICSE class 10 Maths solutions prepared by an expert teacher.

Find below chapter wise ICSE Class 10 physics solutions

ICSE class 10 physics solutions, as given, are based on the latest ICSE curriculum and also include the full explanations and solutions at the end of these chapters.Selina ICSE Physics Class 10 solutions give you all the accurate and precise answers to solve all questions on your breast exams. You can erase all your concepts to get good grades on all topics like power and energy, power, sound, etc.

Our experts from the Physics Wallah academic team with a vast knowledge of physics have thoroughly answered the questions in the textbook. Selina Solutions' concise physics consists of concepts and diagrams based on each question to provide a more effective understanding. By referring to solutions, students can overcome the fear of the test because the answers can also help to assess their ability. Selina Solutions Concise Physics can be downloaded by students from the respective links here.

Selina Solutions Concise Physics Class 10 (Chapter-wise)

  1. Chapter 1 Force
  2. Chapter 2 Work, Energy and Power
  3. Chapter 3 Machines
  4. Chapter 4 Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
  5. Chapter 5 Refraction through a Lens
  6. Chapter 6 Spectrum
  7. Chapter 7 Sound
  8. Chapter 8 Current Electricity
  9. Chapter 9 Household Circuits
  10. Chapter 10 Electro-Magnetism
  11. Chapter 11 Calorimetry Solutions
  12. Chapter 12 Radioactivity

A Brief Introduction on ICSE class 10 physics solutions

Chapter 1 – Force

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Force, contact, and non-contact force.
  2. Effects of force, units of force.
  3. Newton’s laws of motion.
  4. Momentum, impulse, equations of motion.

Chapter 2 – Work, Energy, and Power

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Work, Energy, Power, and their relation with force, Definitions & Units.
  2. Different types of energy, Mechanical energy, Kinetic energy, Potential Energy.
  3. Energy resources, Classification of sources of energy, production of electricity.
  4. Conservation of energy, verification, Applications, Energy degradation.

Chapter 3 – Machines

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Machines, Function, and uses of a simple machine, Terms related to a machine and relationship between them.
  2. Levers, Kinds of the lever with examples, Inclined plane and gears, working and application of gear system.
  3. Pulley, Single fixed pulley, Single movable pulley, Combination of pulleys, Effect of the weight of the pulleys.

Chapter 4 - Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Refraction of light, Laws of refraction, Speed of light in a different medium, Principle of reversibility of light.
  2. Refraction of light through a glass block & a triangular prism, Applications of real depth and apparent depth.
  3. Critical Angle, Total Internal Reflection, Total Internal Reflection in a prism.

Chapter 5 - Refraction through a Lens

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Lens, types of lenses, Terms related to a lens, Types of images – Real and Virtual.
  2. Characteristics and location of images for a convex lens and concave lens.
  3. Power, Magnification, and determination of the focal length of a lens.

Chapter 6 – Spectrum

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Refraction through a prism, dispersion of light, Recombination of the spectrum.
  2. Electromagnetic Spectrum – Classification and Properties.
  3. Scattering of light and its applications.
  4. Tyndall Effect, Effects of scattering.

Chapter 7 – Sound

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Reflection of Sound Waves.
  2. Natural vibrations, Forced vibrations, Damped vibrations, and Resonance.
  3. Loudness, pitch & quality of sound.

Chapter 8 - Current Electricity

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Electric charge:(definition; charge on a macro body; types of electric charge; charging of a body; properties of electric charge; a unit of charge)
  2. Static and current electricity: (state electricity; current electricity)
  3. Electric field and electric potential: (electric field; electric potential; electric potential difference)
  4. Electric currenT: (charge in motion; a unit of current; the direction of electric current; how the current flows in a wire; how to get a continuous flow of electric current)
  5. Electric circuits: (open electric circuit; closed circuit)
  6. Electrical resistance: (ohm’s law; the resistance of a conductor; a unit of resistance; factors affecting the resistance of a conductor; resistivity; conductivity)
  7. Conductors, resistors, and insulators: (Conductors; resistors)

Chapter 9 - Household Circuits

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Heating effect of current- electric energy, electric power.
  2. Power voltage rating of electric appliances.
  3. Application of heating effect of current.
  4. Effect fuse and superconductors.
  5. Household electrical circuits – tree system and ring system.
  6. Hazards of electricity, earthing, color coding of wires.

Chapter 10 - Electro-Magnetism

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. MAGNETISM - Properties of Magnets; Poles of Magnet.
  2. Magnetic field lines.
  3. Magnetic effect of current.
  4. Permanent and temporary magnets.
  5. Magnetic force.
  6. Electric motor – Principle, Construction, Working.
  7. Electromagnetic Induction – Faraday’s Experiment, Laws of EMI.
  8. Generator – Types of the generator, Principle, Construction, Working.
  9. Transformer – Types of Transformer, Direct current, and Alternating Current.

Chapter 11 - Calorimetry Solutions

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

  1. Specific heat capacities and the principle of mixtures (the concept of heat and temperature; thermal capacity; c = Q/mΔT).
  2. Latent heat; loss and gain of heat involving a change of state for fusion (heating curve for water; specific latent heat of fusion).

Chapter 12 – Radioactivity

In this chapter, we will consider these topics:

Radioactivity and changes in the nucleus - Introduction; nucleus and its corresponding properties; radioactivity as spontaneous disintegration α β γ; harmful effects and safety precautions for radiations.

Other Study Resources for ICSE Class 10 Physics

Physics Wallah along with ICSE Selina Solutions for Class 10 Physics also provides other study materials like ICSE Class 10 Physics previous year question paper, ICSE Class 10 Physics Sample Paper, ICSE Class 10 Physics Important Questions. These study materials are also prepared as per the ICSE Class 10 Physics syllabus to help students while preparing for the board exams. Students can refer to these study materials for their exam preparation.

Benefits of Selina Solutions Concise Physics Class 10 with Physics Wallah are as follows

  1. Selina Solutions are the best learning tools for students to stimulate exam preparation.
  2. The solutions are well organized by experts with extensive knowledge of physics, according to the current ICSE syllabus.
  3. Solutions are offered step by step so that students can understand each step relatively easily.
  4. Students have access and download in PDF to ICSE Class 10 Physics Classics solutions to answer any questions.
  5. It provides the student with the best possible method of answering each question, allowing students to test the questions more effectively in their exams.
  6. Each topic has a detailed explanation to develop your problem-solving skills.
  7. The help provided simplifies the topic so that students can describe the questions asked.
  8. Students also provide the necessary solutions more effectively, as well as with the help of assistance.

Why Physics Wallah for ICSE class 10 physics solutions

The primary purpose of Physics is to assist students to endue all subjects for K12, IIT-JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams solutions under the NCERT syllabus. Here described solutions are so advantageous for studying students who are using Selina Solutions Physics Class 10 Solutions of their current academic session of his exams.

Physics Wallah available for 24X7 for your academic preparation, you can touch us for any query related CBSE Board Solutions as well as ICSE solutions for your class. Leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. We respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How to score good marks in class 10 Physics?

Ans. To score Good marks in physics one must have very clear concepts that can be achieved by reading the textbook and Physics Wallah class 10 Physics Notes. Do read the theory part of the chapter and try to prepare your notes which consist of all important formulas and bullet points . once you understood the chapter thoroughly start solving few numerical based questions, this will help you to build the conceptual clarity.

Q2. What is the best way to use ICSE class 10 physics solutions?

Ans. Solutions are not be copied from Physics Wallah. The best way to use ICSE class 10 physics solutions is to read the chapter form textbook and try to solve all questions given in the exercise by yourself. Any question or numerical if you can’t solve by yourself despite several attempts than only use ICSE class 10 physics solutions for reference.

Q3. How Physics Wallah help ICSE class 10 students?

Ans. Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded a lot of recourse for ICSE class 10 students which include ICSE class 10 Maths solutions and details notes for physics, chemistry, biology, and maths. Each subject consists of in-depth theory and exercise. The chapter-wise exercise consists of thousands of MCQ based questions with answer key. Apart from MCQ based questions we have uploaded solved subjective questions for more practice. You can also go for chapter wise online test to find out the mistake and error you do.

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