MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers

Multiple Choice Questions for CBSE Class 9 Science is prepared by experts of Physics Wallah. Chapter-wise MCQ questions sheet consist of MCQ questions with important 1,2,3,4 and 5 marks questions with step-by-step solution. Before solving Important questions for class 9 science it is highly recommended to solve NCERT textbook questions with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT solutions for class 9 science.

Chapter Wise MCQ questions for Class 9 Science

Class 9th science has been a significant role in students overall academic career. It is the prime time to mould their preparation as per upcoming school examinations. The team at Physics Wallah has come up with MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers to assist student’s preparation. We believe in bracing up students for their upcoming examinations.

MCQ for class 9 science

Why MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science with answers are important?

Through MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers students can acknowledge themselves with prominent in their examinations. The sole objective of the team at Physics Wallah is to instill confidence among the students to solve the maximum number of questions.

The question framed is adhering to final examination standards. It brings on board conceptual clarity among the students. It is very crucial to perform a number of practices if you are preparing for school-level examinations or some national-level examinations. Class 9th is a perfect standard to solidify one’s preparation for the national level of competitive examinations. At Physics Wallah we brace students to face all types of competitive examinations.

To make sure students do not miss any topic, students are provided with a complete synopsis. Students can find all their concepts cleared while solving MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers provided by us.

How to Study MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science with answers effectively?

The faculties at Physics Wallah have gone through extensive efforts to prepare a topic exhaustive yet concise study material for students. The question included in the topics has been from the important topics of the syllabus. Students thoroughly preparing this question can definitely find relatable questions in their final examinations.

The complete layout has been designed by experienced teachers with years of experience. The complete set includes all the important topics. A holistic approach to solving MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers can help students to enhance the clarity of their concepts. This set of study materials is a perfect option to solve critical problems. Students can also access the CBSE Sample paper Class 9 Science from here.

Why Physics Wallah is best for MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science with answers

The team at Physics Wallah has already aced various national level examination and belong to prominent IIT’s. We have always been the toppers preference for their guide as a study material. In order to provide the most relatable study material with respect to examinations, we have gone through numerous questions papers.

The complete MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers have been prepared in Pdf format. This could be easily shared among friends. Students can easily be accessed among various devices.

How to use MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science

CBSE NCERT Text Books for Class 9 Science is recommended by several teachers, as it is the best source to clear all the raised doubts in your mind. In this blog, we have compiled few MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers just to make sure that your concepts of science is crystal clear.

The MCQ questions asked here have a mix of NCERT textbooks and are presented in front of you in the form of MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers. Take this quiz and solve the questions to see your preparations to score good marks is best. The experts of Physics Wallah has come up with the idea to make all the difficult topics and syllabus into the easy one, so everyone can easily understands it without facing any difficulty.

Let’s quickly jump into the MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with answers.

If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Online test for Class 9.

Q1. The Carbon-di-oxide also known as CO2 can be easily liquefied and even solidified because of the _____ process:

  1. It has relatively more force of attraction than other presented gases in the air
  2. It has more intermolecular space
  3. It has weak forces of attraction
  4. It is present in atmosphere

Ans: Correct option is 1.

It has relatively more force of attraction than other presented gases in the air

Q2. Select the following: Under which of the following conditions we can boil water easily at room temperature?

  1. At high pressure
  2. At atmospheric pressure
  3. At low pressure
  4. At very high pressure

Ans. Correct option is 3

At low pressure

Q3. Bose-Einstein Condensate have

  1. Low kinetic energy
  2. Very low kinetic energy
  3. High kinetic energy
  4. Highest kinetic energy

Ans. Correct option is 2

Very low kinetic energy

Q4. Which of the following option is not an endothermic process?

  1. Temperature
  2. Insoluble heavy impurities
  3. Fusion
  4. Vaporisation

Ans. Correct option is 1


Q5. Which of the following is best or you can say more suitable for summer?

  1. Polyester
  2. Nylon
  3. Cotton
  4. Silk

Ans. Correct option is 3


Q6. Vapours formed on sublimation of iodine solid are in which color?

  1. Colourless
  2. Purple or violet in color
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow

Ans. Correct option is 2

Purple or violet in color

Q7. As per the following the Kinetic energy of molecules is directly proportional to

  1. Pressure
  2. Atmospheric pressure
  3. Temperature
  4. None of them

Ans. Correct option is 3


Q8. Select the following that does not affect rate of evaporation?

  1. Temperature.
  2. Surface area.
  3. Wind speed.
  4. Insoluble heavy impurities.

Ans. Correct option is 4

Insoluble heavy impurities.

Q9. Which of the below-provided statement is completely incorrect about plasma?

  1. It contains of super-energetic and super-excited particles.
  2. Fluorescent tube and neon sign bulbs comprise of plasma.
  3. The gas becomes ionised when electrical energy flows through it.
  4. The plasma lights with colour which does not depend upon the nature of gas.

Ans. Correct option is 4

The plasma glows with color which does not depend upon the nature of the gas.

Q10. Select the following which has highest kinetic energy?

  1. Particles of water at 0 °C
  2. Particles of ice at 0 °C
  3. Particles of steam at 100 °C
  4. Particles of water at 100 °C

Ans. Correct option is 3

Particles of steam at 100 °C

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How MCQs are important for class 9 science?

Ans. In the CBSE Science Exam 2020 Class 9 document, a significant number of questions took the form of Multiple Choice Type Questions (MCQ). MCQ of the three divisions of science, viz. Physics, chemistry, and biology are taught.

Students can practice with these questions and by solving these questions; students can review the important concepts in all the chapters so that they can easily ask other objective questions on the exams. This will certainly help them improve their scores. On the CBSE Class 9 2020 Science Exam, 25% of the total assessment was devoted to objective type questions.

Q2. How many chapters are in class 9 science?

Ans. Here are mentioned a total of 15 chapters in class 9 science –

  1. Matter in our Surroundings
  2. Is Matter around us Pure
  3. Atoms and Molecules
  4. Structure of the Atom
  5. The Fundamental Unit of Life
  6. Tissues
  7. Diversity in Living Organisms
  8. Motion
  9. Force and Laws of Motion
  10. Gravitation
  11. Work and Energy
  12. Sound
  13. Why do we Fall Ill
  14. Natural Resources
  15. Improvement in Food Resources

Q3. What is the best strategy while answering multiple-choice questions?

Ans. The best strategy to consider when testing MCQ on exams is to read the question multiple times. Mind-up that questions related points and use the elimination method and answer the question correctly.

Q4. Where can I get class 9 science MCQs and answers?

Ans. There are many resources on the Internet that provide MCQ questions and answers. However, you can find them on our Physics Wallah site and, for your convenience, direct links are provided to access them.

Q5. How should I prepare for the MCQs of the CBSE class 9 science exams?

Ans. Reading alone will never lead you to your goal. Therefore, be sure to carefully read the multiple-choice questions and practice them beforehand by writing the answer. Sample documents can help you understand how to speed up your writing.

Q6. How do I study MCQs for class 9 science?

Ans. Read the chapters first and clear your concepts and doubts. Try to solve as many questions as possible. This is only possible if you know the concepts well.Secondly, if you can't solve the questions in the quiz, try removing the options and this will work very well while studying MCQ as well.

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