Thermodynamics Questions

Jul 20, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Thermodynamics Questions

The branch of Physics that deals with the changes in the properties of systems that occur when work is done on (or by) them and heat energy is added to (or taken from) them is called thermal physics. This chapter deals with temperature, a concept that deeply underlies all of the laws of thermodynamics & we take a microscopic approach and seek to account for the macroscopic properties of a gas in terms of the properties of its molecules. This chapter consists of summarized text coupled with sufficient number of solved examples of varying difficulties, which enables the students to develop problem solving ability along with emphasis on physical concept. The Thermodynamics questions are categorized into different section and having all types of questions from all sub topics . To help the student assess his understanding of the concept and further improvise on his problem solving skills. Solutions to all the questions in the sheet are available and will be provided to the students (at the discretion of the professor). Every possible attempt has been made to make the booklet flawless.Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared by Physics wallah.

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