CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10

CBSE previous year question papers class 10 Pdf

One of the most important class of child’s academic journey is class 10 board.Its importance increases a lot because of percentage system is back from grading.Every child wants a good percentage to have his/her favourite subjects in class 11.Scoring good marks required proper planning with right mix of study materials and use of CBSE previous year question papers class 10 pdf. Do solve questions given in NCERT exercise with the help from NCERT solutions for class 10 prepared by PhysicsWallah.

The below Mentioned Link is for CBSE previous year papers from 2015 to 2020


Class 10 Previous Year Social Science papers

How to use previous year questions papers class 10 pdf

Preparing for CBSE Class 10 board exam the most important thinks is understanding the pattern and syllabus.Undersatnd your syllabus learn find the chapters which are important find what are the subtopics which needed more attension.To understand class 10 board syllabus you required two thinks one is Board recognise syllabus and second is previous year question papers class 10 pdf.While reading the previous year question papers class 10 pdf gives you fair idea about the board exam pattern and how they ask the questions.Like difficulty level,weightage of the topic in the exam.What are the important chapter. One should note down his / her analysis after going through the previous year question papers class 10 pdf. Solve NCERT Exercise of class 10 Maths with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 10 Maths.

Tips to use Questions papers for class 10

Our expert explains the right approach to use CBSE previous year papers for class 10.

  1. Pattern of exam ( previous year paper gives you entire idea about the exam marking system and pattern).
  2. While reading the CBSE previous year question papers one must prepare a short note about the important chapter and type of questions which are being asked in the paper.
  3. Previous year board exam paper gives you list of topics which needed additional efforts.
  4. Never check the solution of previous year paper.Always try to solve it by yourself that too in the month of December.

CBSE previous year question papers class 10 pdf is uploaded by academic team of PhysicsWallah.We have uploaded previous year question papers class 10 pdf free download of subjects like math’s ,science ,social science ,English , Hindi.We have uploaded previous year paper from year 2015 onwards. Before 2015 the paper pattern was bit different and with minor change in syllabus.Click on the following subject link and download the papers for your reference.

FAQ For CBSE class 10 previous year question papers

Q-1.How previous year question papers are helpful for class 10?

Ans-Preparing for the 10-board CBSE exams involves more than just examining the entire program many times. It also requires that all subjects be given the same amount of time. Using PhysicsWallah's free PDF downloads of previous year's questionnaires; you can formulate study patterns and shortcut techniques for complex problems. It helps you step by step to manage your preparation, time, and stress during exams.

Q-2.Where can I download last year's CBSE question papers for class 10?

Ans-There is no shortage of platforms available online that offer last year's questionnaires. However, there are only reputable sites that provide 100% accurate sources. 10th-grade last year question papers can be downloaded from PhysicsWallah for all subjects. At PhysicsWallah, for five years now, you will find documents on important topics solved by experts, all in one place. You can also download free PDFs of last year's documents from PhysicsWallah. These are solved by experienced and professional experts.

Q-3.Can I download these CBSE previous year papers of class 10 for free?

Ans-Yes, you can download all the past year questionnaires from various portals such as PhysicsWallah. Even though the few will cost you a minimal amount, PhysicsWallah won't charge you a dime there. The materials that PhysicsWallah offers are of high quality and free. You can download it at any time for your convenience.

Q-4.Why choose PhysicsWallah for class 10 previous year papers?

Ans-PhysicsWallah brings you last year's best CBSE problem package, put together by our master teachers, along with solutions. It makes your exam strategies to study all subjects for your grade 10 much easier and faster by covering all the important questions for the exam. PhysicsWallah's last year papers for CBSE class 10 come handy. It contains all questionnaires available online from the last to nearly five years. Not only does it give you an edge to get started with your preparation, but it also helps you with the mid review.

Q-5.What are the things we keep in mind when practicing with last year's Class 10 papers?

Ans-Look at the entire paper at the beginning and then look at every question in the paper. Decide which section to start with and which question to try first. Start by trying out the questions you are comfortable with and then start with the remaining questions. Stop wasting time on questions you don't know the answers to. Once you run out of paper, start checking the actual questions asked. Mark the mistakes you made and write them down separately, review the mistake, and practice the concept.

Q-6.What are the benefits of solving previous year papers of class 10?

Ans-Solving last year's Class 10 questionnaires will be something of a review for students as these question sheets cover the entire Class 10 CBSE syllabus and important topics. Students wishing to increase their overall score on the Class 10 Board Exam must complete last year's Class 10 CBSE question papers of all subjects. It will help them understand the difficulty of the paper and what kind of questions to expect during the exam. It also helps reduce exam anxiety and gives them the confidence to write the exam. The PDF solution helps them to view their answers on the answer sheet.

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