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CBSE Worksheet For Class 9 Science Physics

About CBSE Worksheet for class 9 science Physics  

Find CBSE Worksheet for class 9 science Physics these sections consist of questions in worksheet from the physics section of NCERT these questions are MCQ based, Long answer types and short answer types. For other CBSE Class 9 Worksheet check out Main Page. For CBSE students NCERT is must solve NCERT exercise with the help of NCERT solutions for class 9 Science

Find below chapter wise Physics worksheet for class 9

Lis​t of worksheets cover in these sections are

Students can download the following worksheet form this page are

Worksheet -1(Motion)

Worksheet -2(Motion)

Worksheet -3(Motion)

Worksheet -6(Gravitation)

Worksheet -8(Work Energy and Power)

Worksheet -4(Force and Laws of Motion

Worksheet -5(Force and Laws of Motion)

Worksheet -7(Fluid)

Worksheet -9(Wave Motion and Sound)

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