Subjects of Class 11

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared study material for class 11. The following CBSE Class 11 Notes are prepared for CBSE class 11 and useful for JEE & NEET. This page consists of detail class 11 notes for subjects like Physics ,Chemistry , Zoology ,Botany and Mathematics. All content is prepared by senor faculty members of Physics Wallah having decade of experience in JEE coaching . Get well-structured class 11 notes topics and sub topics wise with added solved and unsolved questions.

How Class 11 Notes Boost your Marks

Notes play a very important role in your final score of class 11 exam. If you wants good score in class 12th board specifically in science and maths subject you need to have good conceptual clarity in class 11. The basic of science and maths subject start from class 11 so you need to have good study notes with good quality questions.Class 11 notes consist of detail theory chapter wise with sub topics are covered in each chapter. We have tried to explain all concept on which generally students are facing problem. Class 11 notes are designed such a way that you will your doubts immediately and can related concepts in numerical. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Online Quiz for Class 11.

Subject Wise Class 11 Notes

The right strategies to prepare Class 11 Notes

Start with NCERT text book read the theory given in NCERT text book start solving the question given in NCERT text book with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 11. While solving questions of ncert make sure you have noted all important formula and concepts in your note book then after start from Physics Wallah class 11 notes it will enhanced the chapters learning which you have done from NCERT and then solve the exercise given in the chapters of class 11 notes.

Why Physics Wallah Class 11 Notes

Physics Wallah uploaded all the study material which is required for the preparation of JEE & NEET with school studies for class 11 school we have added NCERT Solutions for Class 11 with few other reference books. For JEE and NEET we have added class 11 notes with MCQ questions and solved subjective questions, Chemistry Formulas will help you to retain the important formula used in JEE and NEET. Similar to chemistry formula you will get chapter wise physics formula and Maths formula too. Apart from these study materials you can give online test both like chapter wise online test as well as full length mock test for JEE and NEET.

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